Monday, February 1, 2010

Humor Me

I just returned from a brief vacation to Vegas. The Venetian is exquisite. When there's a Barney's in your hotel, no wrong can be done.

What I've always loved about Barney's New York ( is their slogan: Taste, Luxury, Humor. I think this mantra is nowhere truer than in Vegas. It's an amazing gem of a city in that high end taste, couture, spas, luxury stores, and glamorous hotels are mixed in with the cheekiness and cheesiness of the Strip, Elvis impersonators, outlet shopping, Old Town, and many many drinks. Vegas can laugh at itself; or you can take your trip there very seriously.

One of my highlights is always going to Barney's. I love their window displays and while they are always fun and exude taste and luxury, they arent always humorous. In fact, I argue that they are often thought provoking. I was struck by this particular piece on the First Ladies of American History. This display brings out the many fashionable undercurrents of our culture, and makes a statement about the influence of fashion and the politics thereof. So beautiful. I also dig that that display in particular features the designer Boudicca - which makes me think of Boudica (a British first lady of sorts who led a rebellion against the Romans in the Middle Ages). Told you, Barney's is definitely more museum than store.

After Barney's we went to Fremont Street, no place for a Barney's. But what a cool light show. (The intermittent pictures are from the Fremont light show which honored Don McLean's "American Pie" - I cant help but think of the correlation between this phrase and song and the sketches of all the First Women in the Barneys display). And then there are all the little gift shops in Vegas, where I spotted these cool boots. Future Altered Couture project? I think so. And the beautiful displays in Juicy Couture ... which almost rival Barney's. I love how the Juicy store plays with antique perfume bottles. I met a nice sales associate in Chloe, who recommended I keep my perfume bottles for display. I think I might have to take her up on that. And what's Vegas without a cocktail? I have found my new favorite lounge: Laguna (located in the Palazzo). It's open 24 hours and it's a champagne bar. So elegant! I highly recommend going there and enjoying one of their fabulous champagne cocktails and if you win big, indulge in a rare bottle, as they truly have a unique selection.

Cheers - to not taking life so seriously.


  1. I love Barneys!
    Fabulous pics, darling!

    And I love your blog name!


  2. Barneys is amazing!! And I'm going to vegas in a few weeks, I will def check out that lounge! xoxo