Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Group" Projects

Fun fact: Rice Freeman-Zachery ( started an Altered Artwear group on Yahoo sometime ago ( Since becoming managing editor of Altered Couture I joined the group and am so very impressed with the discussions and postings.

Some cool projects that have been tossed around are re-working jewelry for either Altered or Jewelry Affaire. Here's some of the pieces the group has been looking at to re-do. I challenge you to join this group, participate, and submit.
Show me what you got!
(From top to bottom: Vera Wang, Erickson, Beamon, Lanvin, and Malene Birger)


  1. Hi, Beth! I loved learning about Rice and had no idea the group existed. Thank you for sharing with us. I also loved learning about Debra Rapaport, in particular, from Rice's blog....I wanna be her!!!

    On a similar note, I wanted to share a couple of my latest statement necklace creations with you. The first one is second in a series that features vintage perfume this case, MISS BALMAIN. The second one I created for Valentine's Day and if it does not sell, guess who will be rocking it do dinner? :)

    Love your posts, Beth! Thank you for finding such wonderful people and things to share with us!

  2. Hi Beth, These are very nice. I belong to the Altered Group, I think its great, and very informative! Thank You for sending out your Blog address.

  3. Hi Beth--I posted those to Altered Artwear from some site about the Paris & Milan fashion shows & predictions for spring/summer styles I stumbled on while looking for ideas for jewelry for BJDs. Clothing for these dolls is far forward, but the jewelry doesn't seem to be heeping up--thought I'd design a few pieces and see what happens. Would you be interested?
    Thanks. Leslie Sirag