Sunday, February 7, 2010

La Maison Rustique

I had the distinct pleasure of attending my first barn sale at La Maison Rustique ( this weekend. I've wanted to check this place out since I read about it in Somerset Life ( This barn is bedecked in vitnage furniture, with fle market finds, jewels, champagne, lemonade, and hearts and candy kisses galore. Not only is this place amazing (located in the heart of wine country), but some of the artists and women I admire most were there. Nothing like friendly faces including barn owner Linda Carpenter, Deb Hodge (, Rita Reade (, and Sherry Mattia-Welch ( Check out Sherry's necklace. It's amazing. I wanted to buy everything in sight and put it in my home, especially that pink chandelier. I also met some new artists who I'm fast becoming fans of. Sandra Flinn ( has exquisite taste (vintage all the way, right down to her clothes) and is quite the stylist when it comes to vintage living. Then there's Dyanna ( who makes amazing cuffs and embellishes anything and everything with jewelry pieces. I bought 3 of her cuffs. Isn't the red one amazing? So punk rock. And sweet Joy ( You have to check out Joy's jewelry, bags, and book marks. i bought one of her rings and am so in love with it. But my favorite item that I took from the barn is the Union Jack pink pillow (with crown). Of course it was made by Deb. It has all of my favorite elements: bling, pink, and the Union Jack. I adore it! You'll be hearing more about these women in upcoming issues of my magazines.
If this work has inspired you (and how could it not?) in terms of jewelry, embellished wearables, or artful living, I urge you to submit to one of our magazines. I promise you there's a publication that will suit anything and everything. You can email any submission queries to me at The only thing more beautiful than a handmade item is a strong community of women who support one another. Thanks for having me ladies!


  1. I love how everything is thrown together just so. This casual yet creative way of displaying items is so warm and inviting. Thanks for the glimpse.

  2. Oh my gosh, wheres my wallet! Thats my kind of place to shop!

  3. So nice for you to come Beth, rain or shine! I will see you the 28th for another adventure. Ciao Rita mammabellarte