Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dreams DO Come True (& All That Other Good Stuff)

Langston Hughes wrote an entire poem about what happens when a dream is deferred. I hope I am not alone in admitting that I have postponed a dream or two here and there. Right now this poem really resonates, as I have literally gone running instead of working on some of my goals. I have also drowned some of my nights indulging in all things sugary and sweet instead of getting to work. I would have to agree with the ending lines of the poem that a dream deferred will eventually explode.

In a week, two of my lifelong dreams will come true. I will be in New York attending Fashion Week. I am guilty of being someone who has often rolled her eyes when a celebrity/politician/athlete stands on a podium and declares that dreams do come true, so this blog post is my apology to the world. This is my testimony to possibility. I have always been a big thinker, dreamer, believer, I can imagine a great many things, but I have for a long time felt like I had to package these things up and store them somewhere to save for a later date. I have treated my dreams and goals like a nice pair of shoes. I get really excited for them to arrive, and once they do, I tuck them away in their packaging. Sometimes I have a specific idea of when I will take them out, but mostly, I let them sit until the right opportunity arises and I have tried on several other pairs first. Why do I do this? I don't know. Perhaps I am afraid. Perhaps because sometimes it's easier to slip on a pair of running shoes or flip-flops rather than break in something new. Sometimes it's hard to walk the walk.

So here's my podium speech to all those out there who have dared to dream only to defer. I caution you that if you can dream it, it can explode into actuality. A dream is a heavy load to bear, and if it consumes you, you will work as hard as possible to carry this load. It is the work of many days (and night and weekends), it is the wearing of many shoes and trying many more on that get you in shape to be able to walk the path you were meant to walk. I'm not entirely convinced a dream is something intangible that happens only when we sleep. A dream can be a small glimpse, a gut feeling of what's to come. Once detonation happens and things become tangible and present, you won't want to run. You will even forget that you were ever afraid.

Dream on.

*Big heels, big dreams. Dare to stand tall and walk the walk. Shoes by Charlotte Olympia from the Outnet.  Unfortunately, these are probably too tall for NYFW.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Shoe Polish

My worlds collided recently when Christian Louboutin  announced he would be selling nail polish. Being a sucker for a good window display, I set out immediately to see the city scape-like windows promised at the Louboutin Store in South Coast Plaza. 

These polish bottles do not disappoint. The spikes are tall, and the bottle is big, offering a lot of paint for your pot. While I would love to own a pair of Louboutins someday, the polish might just have to do for now. Read all the details here