Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fashion Scents

I realize I haven't posted recently on finds I love. I have been doing more Pinning that posting. But I thought the latest from Charlotte Olympia has been the greatest, and so it deserved a post. Plus, I've already pinned all these up the wazoo. I think it's no secret that I love vintage things. Vintage perfume bottles are a particular favorite of mine. I like the atomizers, the shapes, the glass. So when Ms. Olympia's collection of clutches came out shaped like these treasures I near fainted (from looking at the price too). I'm hoping with some time I can find these on sale.*Fingers crossed* But still, how clever are these clutches?? Never seen anything like them. The remainder of her new collection is very Parisian. It is so playful with the poodles and the sayings. J'adore! My pick is the pair of Eiffel Tower sandals. Je t'aime Charlotte! She is definitely one of my favorite designers at the moment.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You Can't Fake Fashion

Peter Som

Alice & Olivia

Dana Lorenz for Fenton

Robert Rodriguez

Sam Edelman - my personal fave

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) is taking a stand against fakes. This is not an issue talked about often, but it is an issue nonetheless. When people or stores sell imitation handbags they typically don't think anything of it. Sure, they re-printed a monogram or a double C and stuck it on a bag or sunglasses, and give the consumer a bargain. What's the harm right?

Actually a lot. Just like you wouldn't want someone replicating your jewelry design exactly and selling it cheaper on a rival Etsy site, these designers worked hard to have their work not be plagiarized. I know they make lots of money off of a single bag, and in the long run if they lose a couple hundred here and there it's no big deal to them, but it is the principle of the thing. 

And speaking as a shopper, I think there is something to be said about the consumer who is willing to buy these fakes. If you know it's a fake and don't care, then don't buy an exact replica. Buy something with a different monogram or different color scheme. You know it's fake anyway, so why try to hide it? If you want the real thing but are buying fake because you think $900 for a bag is too much, I agree with you! But there are ways to buy authentic items at a fraction of the cost. I like to think I have spoken to that again and again on this blog. There is eBay, Bonanza, Crossroads Trading, Buffalo Exchange, consignment stores, even Goodwill can carry designer deals. And these items are not always used! So if you want the real thing, you can have it -- at any price point -- no excuses! 

But the worst is when you want the real thing and are duped into buying something un-authentic. It has happened to me before. And while I was young in my affair with fashion, and would certainly know better now, I still feel bad for my young self, who just wanted a Louis Vuitton bag, but was in college. I thought I scored a deal, buying one for $250 from a nail salon. Even the inside had the Made in Paris engravings. But a quick education online and in stores, and I realized I shouldn't have bought that bag. I was way too scarred to go on eBay, so I waited until I went to San Francisco and spent twice as much on a smaller bag, but one from the actual Louis Vuitton store. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life. And I'm sorry if that sounds cheesy or materialistic, but it is true. You pay for an experience. A designer piece represents hard work that pays off and speaks to your personal style. It's like the Sex and the City episode where they talk about the fake Fendi ; )

Bottom line: anytime you knowingly pass something off as something it isn't, it's just plain wrong.

If we truly believe in authenticity that means being genuine as a person, in your relationships, and in the causes you support. The CFDA has teamed up with 90 designers to embellish bags that celebrate original design. These bags are getting auctioned off via eBay, starting at $100 and ending on March 25th. All proceeds benefit the CFDA Foundation, fighting to preserve original design. My favorites are above and I am very tempted to bid -- because real fashion and real style is my real passion. I could never fake that. 

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daisie & Calvin Got Married

I really do love a good wedding. All the wedding writing in my past (and future, I hope) has really informed this preference. As my friend Tracy Schultz once told me, "there is something magical that happens when all the people you love are together in the same room." And she's right. I don't love weddings because I am a die-hard romantic or because I love dancing or a good party (but I do love a good party - let's get that straight). I love it because all the people I love come together for the event. We all support one another, get dressed up, and toast to the other's happiness. If you can't be happy for your friends, what is the point of living?

Being invited to a wedding reinforces that sense of familial love. I am honored to be included on a guest list and to share in those life-defining moments of the people I am closest to. Life is so funny with its twists and turns. It is in those spirals that you oftentimes meet some great friends. That was the case when I met Calvin. He was close to my good friend Yayoi, who traveled all the way from Japan to celebrate with us.

It was such a beautiful wedding and reception that we didn't even realize we had sat on the bride's side of the aisle during the ceremony. And when we found out, it didn't matter, because a long time ago Daisie had fallen into our group, our family. It was like she had always been there, and now I am so happy she and Calvin will always be there for each other.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taste of Temecula

So I know I have talked about my love of Temecula and wine tasting before, but we went again a couple weeks ago for a Friday trip and it really was perfection. I love how wine forces us to appreciate the passage of time. What takes years in the making can be sipped down in a matter of seconds. Wine is about appreciating and savoring. We pour, we smell, we swirl, we eye, and we slowly enjoy working our way up to the swallow. If only we could appreciate everything in life like we do a glass of red or white.

It has taken me so long to work (both in my career and in my relationships) up to this point where I feel truly happy. I loved taking this odd day off to taste, smell, and touch the drops of success, of rest, of relaxation. I hope you are all taking the time to relax and slow down, and enjoy where you are right about now.