Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taste of Temecula

So I know I have talked about my love of Temecula and wine tasting before, but we went again a couple weeks ago for a Friday trip and it really was perfection. I love how wine forces us to appreciate the passage of time. What takes years in the making can be sipped down in a matter of seconds. Wine is about appreciating and savoring. We pour, we smell, we swirl, we eye, and we slowly enjoy working our way up to the swallow. If only we could appreciate everything in life like we do a glass of red or white.

It has taken me so long to work (both in my career and in my relationships) up to this point where I feel truly happy. I loved taking this odd day off to taste, smell, and touch the drops of success, of rest, of relaxation. I hope you are all taking the time to relax and slow down, and enjoy where you are right about now.


  1. I love red wine! And, I agree, I am taking off soon for a week of skiing and reconnecting with a close friend. Can't wait. By the way love the wine cork sculpture!

  2. Love the Tower of Pisa made out of corks!! Brilliant. xoxo

  3. Give your stress wings and let it fly away.
    That is what I am doing today.
    Miss you my friend.
    Seriously you are 10 mins from my house.....we have to get you and your friends to the Reades!