Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer in Suffolk

I love it when daily Etsy clicks turn into something day altering. Oh yes, it is possible. With so many inspiring and innovative designers on Etsy from around the globe, it makes my job easier and easier to find and connect with the best of the best.

Besides being an Etsy fanatic, many of you know I am also a huge fan of anything English. Mix in my undying affection for color, print, and the maxi dress and you have what looks like the perfect summer wardrobe. As someone who is passionate about the art forms of altered couture and illustration, I can truly appreciate SLC-SLC, based out of Suffolk, UK.

The pieces above are my absolute favorites, made with dyeing techniques or digitally transferred images from illustrations by the designer. Even the coat and tops look summery! But I want to live in those dresses. I love the subtle pattern choices of swans and shells as well.

Happy (summer) shopping!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Holy Shoe Grail

I'm not lying when I say I have been looking for these shoes for a long time. I remember when I first saw a similar pair on eBay. I didn't bid on them and I have regretted it ever since. Then I saw a pink version on Susie Bubble's blog. They looked so wonderful on her, I knew I needed these Miu Miu canvas rhinestone heels. I found a pair on eBay a few months ago, and it was the first time I had seen them in years, but they were retailing for over $400! Then the other day I was fueling my eBay addiction, and lo and  behold, the elusive Miu Miu Canvas Lux Grezzos appeared. I had never seen this strappy version before, but with the ability to make an offer I could afford to take a chance. My offer was accepted, and I had these shoes on my feet the next day. I actually love the strap detail and how they make my legs and feet look. Who would have thought canvas could be so elegant? Now I think I need some new summer dresses and skirts to wear them with : )

I know I have said before, good things come to those who wait. And these shoes reminded me once again of that lesson (which pertains to more than shopping, of course). Lately I feel like I have been struggling with being patient. It's hard when you want something oh so bad, and you feel like you have earned it, but then you are put on hold. I'm really trying to keep everything balanced, stay focused, and take my mind off the waiting around I feel like I am doing. When I wear these shoes and look down at them, I want to be reminded of the rewards that come when the time is right.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It had been a while since I had visited Marilucia, the design studio and trunk show space of Sicilian Gypsy. You can read about my first visit here.

Yesterday I had the great fortune to return for a trunk show. It was an amazing day. I felt like I was in Sicily, eating chicken Tuscana and sipping coffee outdoors. My colleague and I swam in a sea of handbags and other gorgeous accessories and fashion finds. To learn more about what we came home with, you will have to stay tuned to Haute Handbags and Belle Armoire. Unless of course, you're talking about that hot  red clutch with the tassels (that one's mine!).

Snap up your own piece of Gypsy loot here. My many thanks to Susan and Maria for welcoming us into their home and treating us like family. A day with food, family, and fashion truly warmed my heart and fed my soul.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Ring Thing

While doing some research for an upcoming article, I stumbled upon some fabulous offer-rings. I've always been a ring girl. It can be the simplest or the loudest piece you wear. There's more to life than waiting for that one special sparkler from a Tiffany's box. Any of these would make me happy. Can't wait until pay day comes around and I can shop to my finger's content : )


Tory Burch
Noir Jewelry
Jacquie Aiche
Noir (my favorite is this sword ring!)
Bluma Project
Kate Spade

*All images above are from Shopbop , save for Kate Spade Open Spade ring and Gorjana Small Petal Band.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Jewelry is Like a Good Book ...

... It's a love story. We are able to fall in love with a piece over and over again. We keep revisiting a piece of jewelry for the same reason we revisit a favorite book: we want to feel moved. Sometimes the right stories just find you. As a writer I can say this with certainty. Some days I have to work at cultivating a piece for hours or days or weeks, or longer. But sometimes (like today), the words find me when I find my subject.

Today Gorjana found me, and I am lovestruck When I look over these pieces, so many words come to mind. I have shared some favorites here, but I have Pinned many more, and of course for a full collection you can go to their site or Shopbop (where these images are from).

Above: Eros bracelet (for the poet at heart); Pristine Bar Necklace & Bracelet (I'm always being told to "raise the bar" or "keep the bar high"); Gatsby Earrings (because they are Great); Fortune Necklace; Viceroy Bracelet; Infinity Ring Necklace.

I don't think I've spoken here about my love for the word "Infinite." It describes a great many feelings that there are no other words for. I won't attempt to match Stephen Chbosky's depiction of the word. So if you want to truly understand how this necklace makes me feel, I suggest you pick up a copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Each of these pieces is a little love story. I can't wait to begin my collection. For those of us who love big, flashy, jewelry, we also know that it's the little pieces, with their fine intricacies that truly balance the wearer out. They remind us that love in it's purest form is simple, true, powerful, and to the point.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Saturday With Kay

This weekend I trekked down to Riverside on Saturday morning to rise with those treasure hunters who go out early looking for deals. And many deals indeed were found at Kay Ellen's Antique Garden & Art Faire. It was at this beautiful old house in Riverside. Vendors were set up in the front, back, and along the sides. There was AMAZING vintage jewelry! So so much! I really recommend bringing lots of money to splurge on these unique pieces and the other items sold. Can you believe the view? I totally wanted to dive into this pool. It was a gorgeous day! I even got to meet a few readers and sign a few magazines.

Thank you so much Kay Ellen for having me and introducing me to your lovely family and friends! You won't want to miss the next event, so check out Kay Ellen's blog to see when it's happening.