Monday, May 7, 2012

Saturday With Kay

This weekend I trekked down to Riverside on Saturday morning to rise with those treasure hunters who go out early looking for deals. And many deals indeed were found at Kay Ellen's Antique Garden & Art Faire. It was at this beautiful old house in Riverside. Vendors were set up in the front, back, and along the sides. There was AMAZING vintage jewelry! So so much! I really recommend bringing lots of money to splurge on these unique pieces and the other items sold. Can you believe the view? I totally wanted to dive into this pool. It was a gorgeous day! I even got to meet a few readers and sign a few magazines.

Thank you so much Kay Ellen for having me and introducing me to your lovely family and friends! You won't want to miss the next event, so check out Kay Ellen's blog to see when it's happening.


  1. Awesome! Sorry I missed it....and you were there. :(
    I will plan it better next time. Everything looks amazing. Ciao Rita

  2. It was such a wonderful day:) Thank you so much for being apart of our special day!
    All the creative artists/vendors & shoppers were so excited to have you join us:)

    It really meant so much to me too!

    Kay Ellen

  3. Thank goodness I live over 5,000 miles away, or my entire savings would have been spent....LOVELY items!