Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer in Suffolk

I love it when daily Etsy clicks turn into something day altering. Oh yes, it is possible. With so many inspiring and innovative designers on Etsy from around the globe, it makes my job easier and easier to find and connect with the best of the best.

Besides being an Etsy fanatic, many of you know I am also a huge fan of anything English. Mix in my undying affection for color, print, and the maxi dress and you have what looks like the perfect summer wardrobe. As someone who is passionate about the art forms of altered couture and illustration, I can truly appreciate SLC-SLC, based out of Suffolk, UK.

The pieces above are my absolute favorites, made with dyeing techniques or digitally transferred images from illustrations by the designer. Even the coat and tops look summery! But I want to live in those dresses. I love the subtle pattern choices of swans and shells as well.

Happy (summer) shopping!


  1. Oh what fun! Gotta love the Maxi dress! I would happy with all of those for sure. All such fab fashion. Thanks for sharing and happy summer to you too!

  2. Your blog is my new favorite! I will, however, hold your Miu Miu post to blame if I splurge on the Marc Jacobs sandals I found on Ebay! I am now going to check out dresses.

    1. Thank you!!! I should mention as a disclaimer that I am happy to be blamed for any impulse purchases that might result from the reading of this blog : ) Please blog about those Marc Jacobs shoes (should you bid and win)!

  3. Thanks Beth, This is great Sarah from xx

  4. Hi Susan! Love these!


    Renata and Jonathan