Monday, February 28, 2011

To Life

The last of my postings on vacation, featuring an homage to my favorite indulgence: champagne. I have always loved Korbel, and I love their tour and cellars even more. Located in Guerneville, California, right by the Russian River is the place where Korbel champagne is made, tasted, and loved. Definitely go if you get the chance. Excellent place to see relics of the past and learn about the art (yes it is art) that goes into making authentic, French-style champagne (not sparkling wine). The other pictures below are from an olive press and winery in Sonoma. Two boutique wineries that are definitely hidden gems, if you are ever in the area.
While tasting at Korbel, my mom made a toast, "to life." I always try and think of such witty and/or inspiring toasts, but my mom's words reminded me that though they are simple they say it all. Whether your indulgence is one glass, one bottle, a rare blend on vacation, or something you are simply sipping at home, it's humbling to indulge in the simple appreciation of being alive. Definitely a reason to be thankful. Thanks mom, for saying the right words, and reminding me that life is good ... especially when you are on vacation : )

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Day With Coppola & An Evening With Oscar

Being that this Sunday is the Oscars, I thought it only fitting to do a post on one of my vacation destinations that combined the magic of the movies in a setting that is pure wine country. Located in Geyserville, California, is the Francis Ford Coppola Winery ( That's right, the director himself has a winery, and boy is it beautiful! This place is a celebration of the finer things in life: good food, good drink, cigars, luxurious pools, and rare movie memorabilia, including Coppola's Oscars and envelopes! The desk and car above are from The Godfather. I was of course drawn to all the different colors of the wine labels. I have been a fan of Coppola wine for a long time, and I also very much like their sparkling wine, Sofia. Love Sofia Coppola, her style and her films. I only just recently got into watching Mr. Coppola's movies. I have to see the second and third Godfather movies now, as I recently watched the first and loved it. I highly recommend this place for vacationing/indulging. It really does feel like you are at the Coppola home. I also highly recommend a bottle of their Director's Cut or Sofia for any Oscar watching festivities.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Left My Heart ...

A city is like a person in that when you fall in love with one it happens unexpectedly. I dont remember when exactly it was that I fell in love with San Francisco (probably when I started shopping?) but I know that my heart aches for this city. I every time I return to it I remember why I missed it. Growing up, I remember coming to this place often. My mom moved to northern California and we had several meeetings and outings in San Francisco. I can't help but think of my mom and all her warmth and safety when I think of this big, cold, metropolis. I never feel out of place here. Night or day, I love walking the streets, seeing the sights, and meeting people from around the world. And when night falls here, and the buildings glisten, I remember why songs have been written about this place.
Just got back from vacation. More posts to follow ...