Friday, February 4, 2011

Finding Your Knit-ch

More on the art of wearing from CHA ...

One of my favorite materials/textures/kind of clothing is knitwear. The great thing about CHA is that a lot of yarn companies showcase what can be done when knitting with patience, pattern, and skill. I thought the display from Bernat ( was beautiful and fashionable. They made their knits look relevant and festive, wearable for winter through spring. Being a So-Cal girl, it is not often that I get to wear lots of knits, but oh how this makes me wish for cold weather. I love the long knitted vests and dusters that they cinched with a belt. Very contemporary, but with a 70s throwback. It's amazing how single strands come together to keep us warm. The power of knitting.
iLoveToCreate ( is known for their fun displays. This year they did a racing theme. As usual, they totally played on the concept of art to wear and got creative and inventive with their clothing. They are a company that takes risks with their clothing and aren't inhibited by thinking inside of a box. Such imagination in a company is admirable. The clothes on their mannequins have been painted on and the accessories altered. I personally adore a chevron stripe, so the black leather dress is stunning!
My thanks to the team at iLovetoCreate for finding a cool nitch in the art-to-wear market and for sticking by it, and for sticking by my magazines. I hope this post has inspired you to re-think how you wear pieces and what goes into making them more your own.


  1. Hey Beth,
    The whole world of natural fibers, fabulously spun wools and knitting or crochet can be so addictive. I have crocheted since I was a young girl, but I wanted to learn to knit. Guess where I learned...YouTube!! I simply Googled 'Learn to knit' and voile..I was knitting within an hour.

    So in addition to huge fabric stash...thrift store wool sweater stash, I also have a big yarn stash. Much to my husbands dismay ;-)

    After living in hot Houston for 21 years, I am so happy to be here in Virginia where I can brighten up my wardrobe with colorful circle scarves, chunky berets and crocheted fingerless gloves. I love it!

    Have a great weekend.

    Janet xox

  2. Excellent idea Janet! I need to get on YouTube and brush up on my knitting. I learned a couple years ago, completed one project and havent gotten back to it since. But these cool clothes sure make me want to knit more : )