Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shadowboxer/ Queen Without a Crown

I consider myself very blessed to have made such good friends in the art community. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to receive the ultimate birthday gift from my friend Rita Reade ( Anyone who celebrates my December birthday in February is automatically a good friend, and Rita knows how to keep a party going. She wired me full with DELICIOUS cappucinos! So good! And cupcakes of course.
We made shadowboxes and crowns. My box is of Countess de Provence. I have to say I was most excited about making the crown. I love these as displays. Right now mine is in my office, but I will be taking it home and hanging jewelry from it. Lisa Loria ( recommends putting a candle inside and allowing the light to shine outward. I really dont think you can go wrong with this beauty, if I say so myself. My favorite part of the artistic process? Patinaing everything! The patina made the crown and shadow box look old, dark, and rich. These pieces would have been almost too shiny and bright without it.
My favorite part of the day? Eating Rita's delicious food! The best French onion soup, olive bread, mozarella, tomatoes, and homegrown and seasoned olives. Olives just might be my favorite food. I think I ate a whole tree!

Oh and check out Rita's refrigerator: it's full of aprons, fabrics, magazines, and art supplies. Literally, very cool! My sincerest thanks to my friends Rita and Lisa (and my new friend Jeanine) for helping me continue to celebrate my birthday and more importantly, the art of friendship. It was a perfect day : )
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  1. Dear Beth it was my/our pleasure to have you in Rainbow. I am so happy you were the first person to try the homemade olives and you loved them!
    I am picking and brining olives starting tomorrow. I am addicted too. Loved all the crowns and boxes. They all start the same and it's so cool to see how every students puts their twist to it. You are very welcome to come back to Rainbow any time you want to take a break from the city life. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. OH MY! That looks like such FUN!
    what a gorgeous project....just sublime.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. SO much fun indeed Beth! LOVED them olives too and I am not a huge olive fan. Rita gave me a bad of plain ones that are in a jar on my counter getting seasoned...YUMMY!!!
    Great to see you and spend the day creating with you!, Jeanine and Rita.
    Love you lots and see you soon!