Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Convention Confection

Another really great thing about conventioning besides the eye candy is the actual candy. There's always bowls of chocolates and other goodies at booths. This definitely lures people in. I noticed a lot of craft companies gearing towards projects that are party themed. People have definitely been more into hosting and baking (and apron wearing) as opposed to going out in this economy. I loved these crafted arrangements from www.diecutswithaview.com. I always love a good party, especially in the middle of a convention. It's infectious when a company celebrates their creativity, rather than looking at being on the floor of a convention as merely "work."
And of course, when in Rome ... I made a slight stop at Crumbs (www.crumbs.com) off Larchmont in Hollywood. I celebrated being done with conventioning with a black forest and almond joy cupcake : )

1 comment:

  1. A black forest and almond joy cupcake!!!

    Those displays are fabulous.

    OK...now back to the cupcakes...any left?

    Janet xox