Friday, February 11, 2011

All Wrapped Up

We are currently wrapping production on Jewelry Affaire. Every time I go to proofread it I realize how blessed I am to have such lovely peices and pages come together to celebrate the art of jewelry making. This is another issue that I put my whole heart into. And now as I am beginning to pack pieces for return, I finger each piece and remember how extraordinary of an art form this is. My sincerest thanks to all who contributed, you AMAZE me.

Since I am already thinking of the next issue, and how it could possibly compare, I have begun my scouting on the Web. I realized that my tastes in jewelry have been changing. While I will always love lots of sparkle and bling, I am becoming more entranced with wire wrapped jewelry. Above are some of my most recent faves.
Earrings, necklace and bangles are by Simple wire wrapped fireballs are all it takes to make these pieces simply lovely.
And one of my new absolute favorite artists (who was in the last Jewelry Affaire, but has a full-blown article in the upcoming spring issue) is Rose's work is inspired by India right now, and I just love her wrapping.
Although I am wrapping an issue up, I hope you are open to ideas for the next one. Please feel free to submit your lovelies (wrapped or sparkly or otherwise) by 5/15/11.
Another week wrapped up. Happy Friday

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  1. I absolutely love wire wrapped jewellery, it looks so gorgeous. Thanks for providing so much inspiration in your posts.

    Deb (Green Shoot)