Monday, February 16, 2015

Happily Ever After

Maybe there are no happy endings, save for the ones you write yourself. 

I haven't been a big fan of fairy tales in my adult life, but there is something intriguing about Cinderella. It's not all that different from all the other Disney stories, but it does involve shoes. That infamous glass slipper is as much a supporting character as any fairy godmother or ugly step sister. I can especially relate to the Grimm version where women are willing to mutilate and deform their own feet just to fit into that special shoe. Don't we all try to conform a bit, even if it's hazardous to our well-being? I know I am guilty of sometimes thinking I have magical feet that can shape shift to fit any size if I want the shoe bad enough. 

That's the problem with fairy tales. They teach that you can get what you deserve or want by use of magic, so long as you're a good person etc. We all know that real life is quite different. Blood, sweat, and tears are the modern day magic, and oftentimes there isn't a prince or a godmother to help you out. Sometimes you do have to torture yourself a bit to reach a desired outcome.

But one thing I am a firm believer in is that you can choose to wear the right shoes to get the job done. Everyone deserves their proverbial glass slipper; the perfect fit. I love all the designer shoe collaborations that have sprung up because of the upcoming Cinderella movie. You can see these dreamy heels here.  

Another thing I am a big believer in is writing your own story. Sure, you may have helpers and saviors along the way, but don't be afraid to pick up the pen and create your own happily ever after.

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