Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Time For Everything

My first guest blogging post went up today. Thank you to Kristen Robinson for this opportunity. I am honored. Check out Kristen's work in the new new new Jewelry Affaire ( and check out my blog post here,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bygones & Begonias

There is something thrilling about discovering a new favorite designer/Etsy store. I think part of this appeal is finding a new point of view. In fashion, the emphasis is always on the next big thing, the next look, the thing in seasons to come that everyone will want to copy; in short, a trendsetter, a style star.

So glad to have found I love her style, especially for spring. This collection revolves around flowers. Some of the names of items above: Begonia dress & blouse, carnation dress, and rosette dress. I love how she embraces trends like floral patterned pants and mixes them with such a clean, vitnage inspired piece (like the begonia blouse). Love the styling of the tights and shoes too.

Clothes are supposed to make you feel happy and this collection totally does that for me. I think it so interesting that so many designers reference style from a bygone era and then make it so contemporary. Designers can allow bygones to be bygones, but they don't; they reference those feelings from long ago, stirring and re-awakening those things we didnt realize we had forgotten about, and fusing new life into them. This emotional connection we develop with our clothing, our look, our style, our identity is due in large part to those designers who contribute themselves so wholly to their craft. I want to thank Kelsey Genna for re-inspiring me today and reminding me what's possible.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First L.A.

It's universally acknowledged that Mondays are not fun. In my opinion, there is no better way to spice up a Monday night than by doing something glamorous. I indulged this Monday and attended First L.A.'s Runway Fashion Show presented by Directives West at the L.A. Fashion Market ( Located in the heart of the fashion district and across the street from FIDM, I had never before been to this building, which boasted offices, eateries, shops, sculptures, and a patio where the runway show was held.
Outside we enjoyed drinks and fashion from some of the best contemporary designers out there, including: Whitney Eve, YuYu, Twinkle, James Icon, Hazel, 50 Dresses, Dolan, Kolae, J Brand, Imposter, and Dolce Cabo.
My personal favorite is Kolae. See the orange maxi dress above? Genius. I had the privilege of meeting the designer's mom at the show as well. Super nice! Check out more of Kolae's duds at My friend Angela truly enjoyed the show as well. That's a pic of she and I in our spring best (I'm wearing Elizabeth & James and vintage jewelry). Afterward we headed down to Mas Malo ( and enjoyed the best Mexican food. A night of indulging indeed.
My thanks to Directives West, the many designers and marketing officials who put on such a fabulous show, and my friends for joining me on a perfect evening. Monday may have been my favorite day this week : )