Monday, March 28, 2011

Bygones & Begonias

There is something thrilling about discovering a new favorite designer/Etsy store. I think part of this appeal is finding a new point of view. In fashion, the emphasis is always on the next big thing, the next look, the thing in seasons to come that everyone will want to copy; in short, a trendsetter, a style star.

So glad to have found I love her style, especially for spring. This collection revolves around flowers. Some of the names of items above: Begonia dress & blouse, carnation dress, and rosette dress. I love how she embraces trends like floral patterned pants and mixes them with such a clean, vitnage inspired piece (like the begonia blouse). Love the styling of the tights and shoes too.

Clothes are supposed to make you feel happy and this collection totally does that for me. I think it so interesting that so many designers reference style from a bygone era and then make it so contemporary. Designers can allow bygones to be bygones, but they don't; they reference those feelings from long ago, stirring and re-awakening those things we didnt realize we had forgotten about, and fusing new life into them. This emotional connection we develop with our clothing, our look, our style, our identity is due in large part to those designers who contribute themselves so wholly to their craft. I want to thank Kelsey Genna for re-inspiring me today and reminding me what's possible.


  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love that first white dress with the petals...gorgeous! I'll have to check out her shop. Thanks!

  2. Hi Beth!
    Absolutely Beautiful! I love that blouse!

  3. So romantic! That charming little petal dress would delight any informal bride.

  4. Hello Beth,
    Wow...each creation more beautiful than the Feminine.
    Thanks for introducing her to me.

    janet xox