Wednesday, March 9, 2011

House of Anne, Annie & Annette

Now normally I would never consider driving to Los Angeles a treat, but yesterday I had no idea what I was in for. I left my home at 6:45 in the morning and arrived in Santa Monica at 9:20 (grrr!). But I never would have imagined such traffic and solitary confinement to be worth my while as when I stepped into the Tatum Workroom and was absolutely inspired. The workroom is the creative space of the one and only Annette Tatum ( who is FABULOUS. Her book, The Well-Dressed Home, is a must have for people who love fashion and decor.
Because of my involvement with Somerset Home, I was honored to take part in a painting workshop hosted by House of Anne ( Anne is the kindest woman ever! She made all of us feel so at home, and kept the mood so light. And the delicious lunch was catered by, consisting of pasta, brownies, fruit, and soup.
My friend Debi was there as well ( Always good to catch up with Debi over paints. And paint we did, using the amazing paint from THE Annie Sloan ( I am in absolute awe of Annie. Not being a painter msyelf, I was very impressed with her techniques, and how easy and versatile they were. I might have to start painting furniture .... Oh and speaking of, Annie's new book, Quick & Easy Paint Transformations is about just that. Definitely check it out! I used Annie's paints and waxes to make new items look older and antique. I love the dark wax effect on wood. Also pictured is a crackle paint technique applied to a frame. So easy, simply paint, let dry in the sun, and wax.
Really what I learned the most from this workshop was to never underestimate the power of women. After being surrounded by women who own businesses and transform living spaces, I am ridiculously impressed with the artistry and work ethic we all share. These women get paint beneath their nails and talk about ways to better business; they aren't afraid to get messy or arent all about appearances, they see the beauty in the mess that is a worktable.
I want to thank Annette who is extraordinary, and is an example of what can be accomplished when doing what you love. I have to thank Anne for her generosity, care, and for passing so much of what she loves on to her daughter and infecting others with her spirit. And I cannot articulate my deepest thanks to Annie Sloan, who is so highly regarded in the art community, and is also so down to earth and real. Annie taught me a great deal about painting, but also about how one woman can become a brand, how one name can be associated with quality. I truly admire that, and hope that one day such an honor can be mine.
I also need to thank my fellow workshopmates, who were all so joyful and inspired me in their own ways. Thank you for reminding me that this is why we make magazines. The workshop ended with a toast and champagne. Any good workshop should have champagne. Cheers to you, ladies!

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