Monday, October 5, 2015

Scribbles & Scrawls

There are certain things I love about a routine. A daily routine is really a healthy obsession. Sometimes I get a little disgusted with newfound habits like checking Instagram before getting out of bed. I miss blogging every day. Running too. And the discipline that came with those regimens. Breaking from a routine never makes me feel free, only guilty. But life is just a series of routine changes.

A couple of months ago I broke up my routine and headed to Long Beach with Virginia to see our friend John and his new project, The Written Word, Long Beach's first traveling bookstore. If you're like me and love the smell of an old book more than any scent, you must check it out. John tirelessly scours for books and resells them. He keeps that old routine of turning an actual page alive.

In part collaboration, in part inspired by his store, Virginia organized the Fullerton Artwork in September around books. It was called Scribbles and Scrawls and it featured writing activities, famous authors as works of art, zines, and even paper decor. I know I am late in writing this and perhaps even later to tell my friends, but the whole experience reminded me of the days when reading and writing were all I did and all I had time for. It seems so much has gotten in the way since then.

A good routine should be like an old friend. Always make time for it. Never neglect it completely. Nurture those familiar things that tug at your memory, those habits that die hard. Sometimes a routine isn't just a repetitive motion, it's part of who you are. That's why I am scrawling this here tonight.