Friday, May 27, 2011

Everything Wedding

I didn't plan on posting for a while as I am in a wedding tomorrow and the events are ongoing and seem never ending. But don't you just love it when posts find you?

Etsy reminded me that I love this shop,, and now I remember why. These dresses are gorgeous, handmade, and so sweet. Leanne even offers her sketches. These dresses are nothing short of what I would expect from a PR winner (season 5).

Needless to say I have been thinking a lot about weddings lately. The bride is a bit stressed and I just don't know how she does it. But aside from caterers, dresses, DJs, and bouquets I got to thinking about what is so great about weddings: they bring people together. Not just the bride and groom, but families come together to help out, friends gather to show their support. And sometimes, if you are very lucky (or should I say loved?) someone will travel great distances just to hear you say "I do."

I may not be posting here a lot in the coming weeks, as one of my best friends in the whole world has come in from Japan to be in the wedding. While tomorrow will be a happy day for the lucky couple, I already feel like the happiest girl, to be surrounded by such amazing and beloved friends. Sure, some of the planning has been stressful, but it will all be worth it when we are all gathered together tomorrow in one place. There are many kinds of love in this world. And it is nice to know that sometimes the loves of your life are people you don't need to exchange rings with, see often, or even live near, and yet they would still cross mountains and oceans just to stand next to you when you really needed them. That's love.

To a happy and lovely long weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Party

I attended my first garden party on Saturday. The event was hosted by the lovely Paulette Adams ( who is a natural host. What began as a cold and cloudy day on Laguna Beach warmed to be bright, sunny, and perfect.

This was not your ordinary party with cocktails, mingling, and snacks, this was an artful gathering. Jewelry was sprinkled on the grass, chalks dotted the ground, canvases and coffee cups slept on tables. Outside there were easels and artists, hands moving rapidly on some great work, and people stopping by to take in the colors and conversation. We snacked on kahlua bundt cake, fruit tea, and salmon pate.

Julie Nutting's work welcomed guests inside. She even brought a few pieces from her new book, which you can learn about here,

And one of the most surreal experiences I've had in my life took place when Lorenzo asked to sketch me while I sat on a swing. I am mesmerized by people who can draw, and this man is no exception. While I sat, my feet dangling, I saw only swift movements from behind an easel. What emerged was like a photograph or mirror reflection - only better. I think so many times we are afraid to see how people perceive us, but perhaps it can be best to. I love how the conte captured my wavy hair and high cheek bones. It was so fun, my roommate Amanda sat for a sketch as well. Thank you so much Lorenzo, for doing a beautiful job.

I am so happy to call Laguna Beach my home, a place that supports many artists. And I am so lucky to call Paulette my neighbor, who supports artists as well. I am blessed to call Julie my friend, because it seems like just yesterday she was an artist who I knew by her work alone, but now I know her personally, and she has written a book. And of course I am honored to have met Lorenzo, a true talent. I urge you to stop by his space in Laguna Beach or his website, and be enchanted. Thank you Paulette for an amazing party. It was more than I could ever have imagined.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lavender & Champagne

It's been a while since I posted about my purchases; mainly because I don't want to admit that my saving streak has ended. But if you're like me and you find an amazing deal on something stunning you want to share with the world, right?

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I heart shoes. I prefer heels (they make you look taller and leaner and they are oh so sexy!) but I have a sweet spot in my heart for ballet flats. They are cute, and retro-chic, they are a demure fashion statement. Ballet flats show off how short I am, so I like ones that make a BIG splash. These flats from Vera Wang's Lavender Label are absolutely gorgeous! They remind me of vintage rhinestone necklaces. I love love love the crystal work on the flowers. There is also a hint of lace in back of the stones. And the gold is divine! They are like jewelry for my toes and they will go with anything. They were under $100 too at Nordstrom Rack (they are worth $300). These shoes remind me of champagne.

Cheers to Vera Wang. I have always admired her elegant style. The designer herself is such a sleek, sophisticated beauty. I love these shoes!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh Boy!

Chanel's new line, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, has been really hyped. Being a lover of Chanel is one thing, but I am not really into makeup. However, when I saw that the names of many of the colors in this new line were named after several facets of Ms. Coco's life, I became intrigued. Then my friend saw it: a shade called "Boy." #54, Boy, is pink and named after Coco's one great love, Arthur "Boy" Capel, and Englishman who died tragically in a car accident. Coco never married, but I also believe she never forgot about her lost Boy. With such an affinity for black, it seems like Chanel forever mourns him.

That's why I like that this color is so pink, so full of life, so happy. It reminds me of being in love; it reminds me of the first time I kissed a boy. I had to buy this lipstick. If you're like me and don't wear a lot of makeup, all you really need is lipstick anyway. These shades are a bit of a splurge, but the quality and the feeling of having a boy pressed up against your lips is worth it. If you're going to splurge on lipstick, it might as well be Chanel.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shoes Designed By YOU: It's True, It's True, It's True!

The shoe gods have smiled upon us! Finally, an Etsy shop where you can work with cobblers here in the U.S.A to make your own shoes!!! Go to and make your shoe dreams a reality! No more worrying about finding the perfect pair. Here are some of my favorite looks. I notice a red theme running through here, which is fitting because, really whats sexier than a red shoe? Enjoy!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Beach Cities Quilting

I get asked a lot if I do any quilting. That is one medium I actually havent explored yet. I think quilting is very intimaditng for me. It's such a great and sacred tradition and I admire so many of the women who take part in it and devote so much time to this craft. My great grandmother made several quilts, and I still have them, too precious to let go of or even sleep on. I love the idea of the coming together of several fabrics, patterns, and backgrounds to make one unifying force passed down for generations to come.

And I love it when a group of women get together to celebrate their love for a craft, and in doing so, create a true sense of community built around an art. The Beach Cities Quilters Guild is one such community, and I had the honor of speaking to them on Saturday. The theme for their luncheon this year was the apron, an art form I do have lots of experience with.

What made the event extra fun were the challenges that took place. There were really cool ribbons awarded for different categories. The ribbons themselves were handmade and contestants who wanted to take part made or altered an apron, entered it into a category, and wore it to the luncheon. I got to give out an award on behalf of Stampington too. I gave it to Becky McDaniel, who made her apron and her daughter's (not to mention her daughter's dress and handbag!). I love that mothers and daughters, friends and sisters, quilters and non-quilters can come together in such a way that makes us all one unified force for art.

Thanks again ladies, for having me and making me feel so welcome and a part of your lovely group. It was an honour.