Monday, May 2, 2011

Beach Cities Quilting

I get asked a lot if I do any quilting. That is one medium I actually havent explored yet. I think quilting is very intimaditng for me. It's such a great and sacred tradition and I admire so many of the women who take part in it and devote so much time to this craft. My great grandmother made several quilts, and I still have them, too precious to let go of or even sleep on. I love the idea of the coming together of several fabrics, patterns, and backgrounds to make one unifying force passed down for generations to come.

And I love it when a group of women get together to celebrate their love for a craft, and in doing so, create a true sense of community built around an art. The Beach Cities Quilters Guild is one such community, and I had the honor of speaking to them on Saturday. The theme for their luncheon this year was the apron, an art form I do have lots of experience with.

What made the event extra fun were the challenges that took place. There were really cool ribbons awarded for different categories. The ribbons themselves were handmade and contestants who wanted to take part made or altered an apron, entered it into a category, and wore it to the luncheon. I got to give out an award on behalf of Stampington too. I gave it to Becky McDaniel, who made her apron and her daughter's (not to mention her daughter's dress and handbag!). I love that mothers and daughters, friends and sisters, quilters and non-quilters can come together in such a way that makes us all one unified force for art.

Thanks again ladies, for having me and making me feel so welcome and a part of your lovely group. It was an honour.


  1. What a wonderful post! I too feel a little intimidated at the thought of quilting. I do want to give it a try one day though! Oh how I love seeing all those aprons and everyone looks so darling. Thanks for sharing and happy Spring to you!

  2. hello Beth,
    I don't quilt either, but you know you had me at the word 'APRON' !

    What adorable ribbons....very creative ladies.

    If you get a free moment, come see my newest couture apron 'La Petitie Trianon'

    Your friend,
    Janet xox

    PS...just received my copy of Altered Couture!
    Once again you made me look good...thank you for that