Friday, April 29, 2011

The British Have Arrived

While I did not stay up to watch the Royal Wedding (a girl needs her beauty sleep!) I did really appreciate the outpouring of love towards Britain and admired the grandeur with which they put on a very formal celebration. I've said here many times how much I love England, and it is my absolute dream to go back. When I watched the highlights on TV I really loved how proud the British people were and all the ladies dressed so formally with their hats. I really liked David Beckham's suit too, very My Fair Lady. I guess the appeal for me is the upholding of tradition. I know many look at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and believe them to be the "modern" couple, and in some respects they are, but I love how their wedding paid homage to tradition. Elegant, proper, and regal.

I thought it only fitting to share some of these finds from a new favorite shop of mine, There are bright and modest color offerings for the modern and traditionalist alike.

Happy Friday : )

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  1. Unplanned, I watched the entire wedding live. And it was moving in many ways...I loved it all!