Friday, April 15, 2011

Garter Couture

Summer is nearing, and that means wedding season. With all the hype of a royal wedding, England, whites, and the idea of a fairy tale life seem to be spinning in the air.

I found this couturier on Etsy,, and lo and behold, she's English! I love her style of mixing vintage, rhinestones, and sex appeal with the innocence of white and soft fabrics like tulle.

On days when you dont feel so great, sometimes it helps to look at pretty things and think about that fairy tale life. And although the temptation may be to daydream, sometimes the best way to feeling better is to consider how we can make our own lives more of a dream come true, whether its by finding your prince or buying something pretty.

Happy Friday


  1. Hello Beth,
    Ooooo that third garter is divine!

    Enjoy your weekend

    Janet xox

  2. Those are just beautiful !!
    Thank you for sharing !

  3. Thanks for posting - had no idea garters could be so exquisite! Agree that looking at beauty can completely turn the day around - looking at the delicate prettiness of these garters made my morning :)