Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surrounded by Beautiful Things

Got this card from Colette Copeland ( as part of her "more mail, less e-mail" pledge. Not only do I love getting things from Colette, but I love the idea of stationery and actual pen touching paper. As much as I benefit from technology, I would much rather live in a place/era where we didnt rely on it so heavily. In the days of Chanel personal relationships could actually be courted, and drawings were actually done, not manufactured. I so respect Colette's resolve to draw, write, and mail. Colette will have an article in the upcoming Somerset Studio about how anyone can draw. It's a fun read and you'll definitely be swayed to try your hand at it.

In the end of Colette's message to me, she writes that she hopes I am "surrounded by beautiful things." In digesting this sentiment I realized that one of the best parts about my job is that I am constantly surrounded by beautiful things. People's art is always everywhere, and I get to see it in person. I get to see magazines all together before they are even a magazine in their raw most form. Thank you Colette for reminding me to take the time to look around and take everything in; for reminding me how lucky I really am. And now that I have this card I have one more beautiful form to fit into my surroundings.


  1. Darling Beth,

    Colette is a gem, and this post is a beautiful blessing !

    It is the perfect reminder to each of us that focusing on what is lovely and positive can completely change our perspective on our world and all that is going on in it !

    May we all surround ourselves in beauty, in whatever form it takes.

    Thank you for sharing,
    XoX p

  2. Dear Beth,
    May it always be so, even on those days when it's difficult to see any beauty.
    Colette xox

  3. I too am a fellow recipient of COlette's letter writing genius. Lucky us!
    Your blog banner is delightful too! Cheers

  4. Hello Beth,
    What a wonderful bring back the written letter. Whenever I read vintage love letters especially, it makes me sad to think that they have just about become a lost art form. So sad.

    You are lucky to have a friend like Colette.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend,
    Janet xox

    PS...I have been inspired by the true colors of France..come visit!

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