Monday, August 29, 2011

Art in the Dark

My friend Tali was recently apart of a wonderful fashion event which helped out this great cause. The only thing more fashionable than making a statement is standing up for something. Helping out others is always in vogue. The theme of this show was Art in the Dark. They dimmed the lights and everyone wore black. Even in the dark Tali's pieces could be seen, as they stood out with amazing pops of color. Tali meticulously painted these clothes for a look that is fun and so expressive, so full of life, the things you want to see in a young designer. She truly has a fresh eye on fashion and brings expert styling to her line. I'm so happy to announce that I will be working with Tali on a future issue of Altered Couture. I am so lucky to have found a great artist who can also be a great friend, and to have two amazing guy friends who were willing to watch a fashion show with me! I love discovering new designers and their dazzling duds! Thanks again Tali for inviting me. I'm your newest fan : )

Friday, August 26, 2011

Swinging From the Chandelier

My new favorite hotel/casino in Las Vegas is the Cosmopolitan. Everything was decked out in crystal and pink. The Chandelier Bar was breathtaking! I can't wait to stay at this hotel. Talk about indulgent. The drink in the pictures is a Sage 75, very yummy.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sugar, Sugar

One of my new favorite places in the world is the Sugar Factory. They have the candy stores with the couture pops in a few of the hotels, but the biggest shop is actually combined with a restaurant, bar, and chocolate lounge in Paris, Las Vegas.

This place is utter heaven! I got a few baked goods (cupcakes and a red velvet brownie - by the way, this is the best brownie I have ever had!). Then the next day we stopped in for breakfast. My friend ordered amazing red velvet pancakes. The crepes and chocolate French toast were also excellent. But the biggest treat was the cocktail goblet we got, that actually smoked. It was delicious! I was totally happy here and cannot wait to go back for more cocktails, cupcakes, crepes, and candy. If you go to Vegas, this place is a MUST!

On a sweet side note, the shirts we are wearing in the pictures are from Le Doux Swimwear. They totally hooked it up and gave us free bathing suits and shirts at the Encore Beach Club.

A sweet vacation indeed!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Scenes From LV: The Art of Relaxation

I wanted to do a post that would explore the lighter side of things since I feel like I have been weighed down with work lately. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that vacations are much needed cures for stress. This past weekend I practiced the art of relaxation by taking an all girls trip to Vegas. Living so close to Las Vegas makes it an easy getaway at the last minute. Here are a few of the random and relaxing views we enjoyed from the sizzling strip. We stayed at New York New York and it was wonderful! I didnt even mind the 110+ degree heat. More pictures to come in additional posts.

From bottom to top:

Always wanted to have a margarita in Margaritville. I had a 95 calorie concoction called 'Woman to Blame'

NYNY at night.

Confections at Aria.

Champagne cocktails at my favorite champagne bar, Laguna, in the Palazzo.

The Strip.

NYNY tower.

Encore Beach Club.

Wastin' away again at Margaritaville.

A Godfather themed slot machine. I have a slight obsession with this movie.

View of the Bellagio water show from the Sugar Factory Brasserie.

Chateau Night & Day Club, Paris.

Dueling Piano Bar at the Bar at Times Square, NYNY.

Rose outside of Crystals City Center

Sonny Corleone, my favorite.

NYNY pool.

Relax and Enjoy!