Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sugar, Sugar

One of my new favorite places in the world is the Sugar Factory. They have the candy stores with the couture pops in a few of the hotels, but the biggest shop is actually combined with a restaurant, bar, and chocolate lounge in Paris, Las Vegas.

This place is utter heaven! I got a few baked goods (cupcakes and a red velvet brownie - by the way, this is the best brownie I have ever had!). Then the next day we stopped in for breakfast. My friend ordered amazing red velvet pancakes. The crepes and chocolate French toast were also excellent. But the biggest treat was the cocktail goblet we got, that actually smoked. It was delicious! I was totally happy here and cannot wait to go back for more cocktails, cupcakes, crepes, and candy. If you go to Vegas, this place is a MUST!

On a sweet side note, the shirts we are wearing in the pictures are from Le Doux Swimwear. They totally hooked it up and gave us free bathing suits and shirts at the Encore Beach Club.

A sweet vacation indeed!


  1. SWEET indeed. Digging the Mirrored cupcake!
    Miss you!

  2. This place looks amazing! Taste bud overload, I'm sure :-)