Friday, August 5, 2011

Brownie Points

I got a major dose of cheer yesterday when Rita ( and Christie ( came to visit. Their blogs have more pictures of us, but I thought I would share this wonderful and edible gift given to me by Rita.

Rita had a dream a few months back that she gave me a jar of brownies. I told her afterward that brownies are my all time favorite dessert. So of course yesterday she brought me the perfect gift: a jar full of my favorite indulgences. She tied some vintage trimmings to the lid and typed out my name on a tag. it was the perfect pick me up for an absolutely hectic week.

You can check out Rita's work in the current Somerset Home ( and Romantic Homes magazine. Thank you Rita and Christie for stopping by and making my day that much sweeter : )


  1. You are welcome Beth,
    and....I just picked up a copy of Romantic Homes. Beautiful work you have done. I just visited the blogs featured and The kitchen suggestions "Smitten with this Kitchen".
    We will get together for olive picking and brining this Fall you can count on that. Ciao Rita

  2. Thanks Beth for being such a sweet and wonderful hostess! I truly enjoyed our tour of Stampington and lunch with you! Christie

  3. Yum...lucky you! And thanks for the sandals tip from a few posts back...I'm definitely going to order a pair.