Monday, August 8, 2011

All Crossroads Lead to Chanel

I am lucky to live so close to the amazing Crossroads Trading ( Newport Beach. This store is great for editing your closet down and scoring cash or fab finds in return. I've had really good luck here lately (thank you, shopping gods!). But a few weeks ago I scored the deal of all deals at Crossroads: a Chanel ballgown skirt for $95!!!!!!!!!!!! It has pockets, gorgeous pleated flares, mini rhinestone double C's, and is silk perfection. It even came with the velvet hanger (that had double C's!). I am so in love! The cashier asked me where I would wear it to. The thing is, although I dont have a locale in mind for it just yet, I love buying pieces and saving them for just the right occasion. Kind of like a clothing savings account. I envision this skirt with a crisp white button blouse with a collar, or like the picture above from Gucci featuring a yellow one shoulder top.

I never thought I would be into loafers, but these Chanel beauties were only $32 and I love wearing them already! They are great professional shoes for the office. When the weather cools they will look great with jeans & sweaters, blazers & a white dress. I'm definitely proud of these purchases. I also got a great Juicy herringbone blazer and a Chloe blouse. But right now, I am in a Chanel state of mind.

The inspirational illustration above is from You have to check out her blog!

If you're in the mood for really good shopping and/or are looking to do some seasonal cleaning, check out Crossroads - you never know what you may find.


  1. I love them too! It's good to get out of your clothing comfort zone : )

  2. LoVe everything about this post Beth !!!
    Oh delicious fashion,
    so very "YOU"
    and a fun new shopping spot to experience.
    Thank you for the show and tell.
    ( I could be or be so jealous ! )