Friday, July 30, 2010

Study in Pink

I've blabbed here many times about my affinity for pink. But I really seem to be feeling it lately after receiving some amazing art to decorate my office from artists Julie Nutting ( and Monica ( Feeling in the mood, I then softened up towards this Oscar de la Renta coat. I imagine I'd wear it with the pink jewelry Jamie has been making lately ( Looks like I'm not the only one loving pink. Then there's the tougher version of the color manifesting in this leather apron. That's right, I said leather apron, If anyone is up for the challenge, I'd love to see pink, leather, and aprons of all sorts for the next apronology (deadline 9/15/10). So whether pink is about being a girly girl or being a punk grrrl, you can draw inspiration from all corners of the art world. As Julie's piece states " Everything seems a little better when it's pink." Doesn't it just?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

DIY Project: Inspiration Corkboard

I wanted to do some sprucing up in my office lately. A couple of months ago I found these corkboard pieces ready to be given away by a neighbor. I love corkboard because I love hanging things up. And sometimes if it's not posted somewhere, I will honestly forget about it. These boards are very mod, but they look like they are for a teen. I thought I would make use of many of the magazine ads I love and some of the pictures and cards I find myself most inspired by, and decoupage them to the boards as a stylish background. Here are the final results. Dual inspiration board for looking and functional corkboard for remembering.
Above you will find: postcard featuring Julie Nutting's work, Find magazine's recent cover, the perfect dress by YSL, a picture of Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, a smattering of Chanel, Dior, Valentino, Lacroix, Prada, a card from one of my best friends featuring Audrey Hepburn, and a sticker I purchased from Tee & Cakes in Boulder.
I guess that about sums me up.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Justine Limpus Parish

One part of my job is proofreading the books other editors put together. Perhaps my favorite column outside the realm of ones I work on are those by Justine Limpus Parish in Belle Armoire. She discusses fashion through illustration. I have always loved her work, but it was a treat to meet her a few months back in L.A. at FIDM. She was teaching , and I actually caught a glimpse of her at work. She offers classes through a few venues, so we can all learn how to draw gorgeous figures in flowing clothes. When proofreading the last issue of Belle I was happy to learn she now has a blog where we can all get a daily dose of illustrative goodness. Check it out at:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's Face It

I've been noticing and loving the trend of the face T-shirt. For some reason I really like the idea of "wearing" someone. These shirts are from Alexander McQueen, Alice + Olivia, and Victoria's Secret.
Deb Hodge ( has been doing a lot of work with Audrey Hepburn's gorgeous face (which you can see more of in August's Somerset HOME and October's Haute Handbags). When we put our heads together we thought Audrey's face (with some bling in her ears of course) would make for a wonderful T-shirt. It would be instant style. Who wouldnt want to wear Audrey? I voted for a gray shirt and one that was bigger/flowier. After all, you don't want someone's face tightly wrapped around your torso stretching their features out. Deb picked up this shirt at T.J. Maxx and took it to her printer. Now I am wearing it like a happy happy camper.
Deb also scored this journal for me with Audrey on it. Writing in style. Thanks Deb! Happy face.
*the ring I'm wearing above is from the wonderful Nerissa Alford ( It goes perfectly with the shirt : )

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Perfect Circle

One of my favorite TV indulgences these days is Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. You must check it out, Tuesdays at 9. You know, it's funny, summer TV is usually bad but my mouth waters in anticipation for this show. The upside: it informs me of new cupcakeries in my area. The downside: Every time I watch it I crave dessert. My new dream job is to be a judge on that show.
Through Cupcake Wars I learned of The Perfect Circle Cupcakery in Downtown Orange ( I couldnt believe it, a cupcake place near me that I had not been to!
Yesterday I went down to Glassell among antique shops, tea rooms, and diners serving fried goods to indulge in one of these beauties I had been craving for so long. I can't say that I've ever found a cupcakery that was more "me." Audrey Hepburn greets you at the window in her famous Breakfast at Tiffany's shot (only at TPC she's holding a red velvet cupcake instead of a pastry). Audrey is in the store too and the walls are Tiffany blue. Yeah, I would definitely have breakfast here and window shop the vintage and antique stores.
The other color patterns are black and white with big, faux diamonds adorning the tables. The air smells sweet and warm, like the oven in your own kitchen . I ordered a bacon, peanut butter & chocolate cupcake (featured on Cupcake Wars) that I enjoyed in the store (the building was built in the 1920s FYI). And I took home 2 beauties that I had to resist the urge to eat straight away: a dark chocolate cupcake (nicknamed the King) and a caramel bordeaux. Love at first bite.
Check out their Web site to get an idea of their offerings and some fun facts. What I think is really cool is that they offer special custom cupcakes which they aptly named Couture Cupcakes (I love it!). They have a Merry Me Cupcake, an I'm Sorry Cupcake, and even a Royal Cupcake that comes with a rhinestone monogram topper. A hint to all those who read this: I will without a doubt accept cucpakes as a form of bribery, apology, or wedding proposal. This may just be my favorite cupcake place yet.
So all in all, you can buy happiness. It costs $3 a pop, comes in a Tiffany Blue and white box, is endorsed by Audrey, and can be found at 165 N Glassell St. Orange, CA. I'll see ya there!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A "Grand" Opening

I have been out of the blogging world for a while because things have been super busy at work. The good news is I have lots of things to blog about now.

Last Saturday I was the Urban Barn's Grand Opening Gala ( What a hot party! It was boiling, but truly the ladies at the barn know how to throw a party. This place is grown in size and there's no shortage of offerings. Check out the best dress form ever from Holly (more to come on Holly). Then check out Joy Gabler's ( fabulous earrings!

Julie Nutting ( was on hand teaching a class. I seriously need to find out how much her classes are. I still fall in love with her art every time I see it.
Check out the new vintage clothing now offered up at the barn. So beautiful! You must check it out yourself :

155 West Crest
Escondido, CA 92025
Congratulations to Linda Carpenter and all the girls for a beautiful and glamorous job well done!