Friday, July 9, 2010

What I Bought Today: Blazer of Glory

Confession time: I am not supposed to be shopping (trying to save $). Confession #2: I never owned a black blazer. My good friends at Nordstrom Rack were having a sale. I had a gift card ...
I found this amazing blazer from my new favorite label, Haute Hippie ( I have been buying their stuff up at Loehmann's and on eBay for really good prices (pre-shopping diet). I tried this blazer on and it suddenly hit me what Stacey & Clinton have been saying all these years: a blazer is definitely the best weapon a woman can have in her closet. It accentuates curves, defines a small wasit, and the deep v creates a long neck. And I love it when the sleeves on a blazer can unbutton. I adore slight flare at the wrist to create skinny arms in proportion with the pointed shoulders. And is there nothing chicer to wear, really? I mean with jeans, a pencil skirt, the list could go on and on. I never liked suits, but rather prefer the blazer broken apart from the trousers. And they are just sexy. A woman covered up, but with her curves still able to show in sleek black, and the possibilities of a button ... I had to have this item. It's a staple really. An investment. And fall is right around the corner. I've already pictured wearing it with band T-shirts, slip dresses, and over tunics and leggings. Can't wait for the weather to cool.
Now I do own other blazers, but one is pink and cotton and one is fuchsia corduroy. Not sexy. Not serious. They are more fun pieces. I got to thinking of the many incarnations of the blazer and I found these fun options from and I love how designers are playing with length, collars, and textures. The back can be played up as well. Did you see the Alice + Olivia version with the sheer black paneling? See, they dont have to be just boxy pieces or come with matching bottoms.
I began to realize that the blazer is so great and holds so much sex appeal in my mind because it is associated with power. There's nothing that looks as powerful as a woman in a blazer. She exudes confidence and commands attention. it is also a celebration of a woman's right to work; of her place in corporate America; as a player in serious business. Women are decision makers.
And as much as I love Audrey Hepburn and her style, the blazer is symbolic of my other greatest fashion influence, the power of Coco. CC made men's jackets look glamorous on women, and she broke into a man's field as the head of her own business. I love the still of Audrey Tatou in the blazer while all the other women working behind her are in Victorian dresses. That says it all. It's no coincidence that Chanel is epitomized by their iconic tweed blazer, dont you think?
So here's to being a trail "blazer." Remember, you are what you wear.


  1. Hi Beth,

    I've been a Chanel lover since I was old enough to know who Chanel was, thanks to my French aunt. One of my favorite assemblages is one that I made honoring Mademoiselle Coco!

    The blazer is indispensable; wear it in good health!


  2. love a great blazer bet you look smashing in it!

  3. Dear Beth,
    Thank you so much for your very kind and encouraging e-mail about the Apronology submissions. Your comments have kept me smiling all morning! I will definitely be submitting some of my creations for your consideration. I adore your publications and always look forward to seeing what others are creating.
    Your friend,
    PS...I love your blog! I'll be back.

  4. Greetings Beth,

    Trail "blazer" - how perfect! Loving yours and one simply must have a well fitted black blazer. Congrats for finding yours.

    I just tried on a dove gray blazer by Calvin Klein I bought a few months ago with a feminine soft gray silk camisole with ecru lace and a gray skirt. Like you, I cannot wait for appropriate weather to wear this ensemble. Yum!

    gerre lynne