Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Weekend With Marilyn

...well sort of. I still havent seen the Marilyn Monroe movie, but I really want to! In honor of the Oscars, one of my favorite cupcakeries, Casey's Cupcakes, sold their Hollywood-inspired cakes that appeared on Cupcake Wars. Thus, I took home the holy trinity of old-Hollywood: Elizabeth Taylor (chocolate & cayenne pepper), Grace Kelly (lavender & vanilla), and my favorite - Marilyn Monroe (cherry & white chocolate). Encrusted with candy pearls, jewels, and even a feather, these were by far the best dressed cupcakes I have ever had. Hope your weekend was sweet!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Dreamin'

Working in the magazine business, I hear a lot of times that people don't like loads of ads. And I get that. But, I actually can enjoy some ads in my mag, if they are stylish. The pictures above are ad campaigns or other editorial works on spring fashion (I would argue these are applicable to summer too). I just fell in love with the embrace of color this season. I have always loved color and mixing different shades together is genius! As I'm writing this I am wearing all black and the forecast says rain ... so definitely doing some spring daydreaming here. Makes me think of Jordan almonds. Enjoy feasting your eyes : )

Friday, February 24, 2012

Vegas: The Fun

True, you can have fun just about anywhere, but I love that Vegas is a city that doesnt take itself so seriously. Here are some quirky images & things from my trip:

Dragons everywhere (for Chinese New Year) in the Bellagio Gardens.

A chandelier made from tequila bottles.

The pool at the Golden Nugget actually has an aquarium in it! When you go on the water slide, you go through the aquarium. Coolest thing ever, right!

Decor at the Aria - house of cards.

Horse in the Bellagio lobby.

The wedding chapel at the Cosmopolitan had these great stick figure drawings on the windows.

Figures made of all roses in the Bellagio garden.

The strip at night.

Chandelier in the Lion Den at MGM. Btw, the lions are no longer there : (

Sand timer at the Todd English Pub.

Bellagio's famous fountains.

My favorite slot machine of all time: Breakfast at Tiffany's! They must be new, we only found them off the strip. It was also the only machine I had any luck on. I want to go back just to play it again. Finally, my kind of slots!

Have a fun Friday : )

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vegas: The Fabulousness

If there's one thing I love more than a cupcake, it's shopping. And Vegas has the best shopping! Since it was President's Day weekend there were excellent sales too. Nothing beats shopping in Vegas : )

Troy Surratt lip gloss shaped like a champagne bottle (color is 24 Karat Couture) and Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Here Comes the Queen, all found at Juicy Couture.

The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan.

My sleeve of cuffs that I wore out on our last night. All vintage, save for Eurotrash cuff and JoAnn Doxakis bracelet. The background is my Juicy Couture coat that I love!

I went a little crazy at Kate Spade and walked away with this multicolored fringe necklace called Twist & Shout. It reminds me of falling confetti. I paired it with my favorite turquoise necklace handmade by Denise and a hot pink Elizabeth & James silk tunic, to fully embrace the color trend in fashion right now.

My new Kate Spade purse is this cool mint colored shoulder strap beauty that converts into a clutch. <3!

As you can see, the jewelry drawers at Kate Spade offered up lots of tempting choices.

Maybe my favorite cupcake of all-time: this Louis Vuitton window display. Instead of a cherry, it has a purse on top : ) Looks good enough to eat...

Great window displays from Prada and YSL inside Crystals City Center.

This cool display of rings was actually at the Monte Carlo gift shop. They were all adjustable and just $10. I didn't buy any, but I thought they made a cool display, and if you are in a pinch for some bling while going out in Vegas, this is a good place to stop.

The second to last picture is HALF of the jewelry I brought with me to Vegas. I think I officially own more jewelry pieces than I do shoes. I call it my Vegas Survival Kit.

In all actuality, I didnt even cover all the stores I wanted to. But maybe that's a good thing. Happy shopping : ) Have a Fabulous day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vegas: The Food

Just got back from another Vegas vacation. I'm totally drawn to the glamour of the whole Vegas experience. High end stores, beautiful hotels, and lots of sweet treats ... definitely my kind of city. I took so many photos I broke them down into categories. Here's a glimpse at some of the amazing food Vegas has to offer.

Pictures from:
The Burger Bar (my favorite!)
Jean Philippe Patisserie
The Sugar Factory (I am OBSESSED!)
Buffet at the Monte Carlo (where we stayed)
MGM Grand
Pineapple sorbet from Don B's steakhouse

The divine coffee pictured above is a chocolate cappuccino a la the Sugar Factory. I drank one of these two mornings in a row : )

The dragon is made purely out of chocolate to celebrate Chinese New Year and sits outside Jean Philippe Patisserie, in the Aria.

The pancakes are actually red velvet with cherries on top. They were my final meal in Vegas, eaten at the Sugar Factory.

Are you hungry yet?