Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vegas: The Food

Just got back from another Vegas vacation. I'm totally drawn to the glamour of the whole Vegas experience. High end stores, beautiful hotels, and lots of sweet treats ... definitely my kind of city. I took so many photos I broke them down into categories. Here's a glimpse at some of the amazing food Vegas has to offer.

Pictures from:
The Burger Bar (my favorite!)
Jean Philippe Patisserie
The Sugar Factory (I am OBSESSED!)
Buffet at the Monte Carlo (where we stayed)
MGM Grand
Pineapple sorbet from Don B's steakhouse

The divine coffee pictured above is a chocolate cappuccino a la the Sugar Factory. I drank one of these two mornings in a row : )

The dragon is made purely out of chocolate to celebrate Chinese New Year and sits outside Jean Philippe Patisserie, in the Aria.

The pancakes are actually red velvet with cherries on top. They were my final meal in Vegas, eaten at the Sugar Factory.

Are you hungry yet?


  1. Wow - those pancakes sound the perfect last meal...they sound absolutely amazing! And as always, cool photos!

  2. I love Las Vegas!

    I went there for the first time about ten years ago and took so many photos that I ran out of film {yes, film!}. I think I just gained ten pounds looking at your photos ~ yum.

    Thanks for giving us a mini vacation Beth.

    Ciao bella,