Friday, February 24, 2012

Vegas: The Fun

True, you can have fun just about anywhere, but I love that Vegas is a city that doesnt take itself so seriously. Here are some quirky images & things from my trip:

Dragons everywhere (for Chinese New Year) in the Bellagio Gardens.

A chandelier made from tequila bottles.

The pool at the Golden Nugget actually has an aquarium in it! When you go on the water slide, you go through the aquarium. Coolest thing ever, right!

Decor at the Aria - house of cards.

Horse in the Bellagio lobby.

The wedding chapel at the Cosmopolitan had these great stick figure drawings on the windows.

Figures made of all roses in the Bellagio garden.

The strip at night.

Chandelier in the Lion Den at MGM. Btw, the lions are no longer there : (

Sand timer at the Todd English Pub.

Bellagio's famous fountains.

My favorite slot machine of all time: Breakfast at Tiffany's! They must be new, we only found them off the strip. It was also the only machine I had any luck on. I want to go back just to play it again. Finally, my kind of slots!

Have a fun Friday : )

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