Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I realize this sounds ridiculous considering all the purchases I have posted on here in the past, but I went shopping on Friday to get "last minute items" for my trip to New York and ended up spending a small fortune on clothing. That's a small fortune on top of the already big fortune I have spent in the past. After months of honestly saving money, it didn't feel as good as it used to to buy stuff. I did get some amazing deals though, and hopefully come NYFW, I will think it was all worth it.

I have spent the last several weeks researching NYFW street style and pinning things I like from every major online retailer. You can see my Pins here. But I learned that just pinning things didn't help me. I wasn't buying any of the things I pinned, and likewise, I wasn't able to translate any of these pins into items from my actual closet. A lot of what is popular in street style these days just aren't things I like or would wear. I realized that in order to be myself at NYFW, I'd have to bring clothes that were truly me.

I had zero intentions in investing in yet another standout dress, but this one is very New York (it is after all from Kate Spade New York). The silhouette is perfect and so flattering. The color is divine and so eye catching. And the best part: it has pockets. I even think I can wear it with flats. The dress was on sale for Labor Day, but even so, it was a big ticket purchase. The garment bag made it all worthwhile though.

After having blown a lot of money I was in the mood to save. I decided to browse the consignment shops along Corona Del Mar (in my opinion, some of the best in the country) and walked away with steals from my two favorite stores. Recycled Rags had the most amazing silk ombre maxi skirt, Chanel heels, and Miu Miu flats. While I should probably buy more flats for Fashion Week, I just couldn't justify them although they were a great deal. The skirt was beyond amazing, so I took that and couldn't resist the sculptural heel of these champagne colored Chanels that I swear are comfortable (I already wore them this weekend!). I love that the interior of Recycled Rags has the mates of the shoes lined up all around the ceiling. I could live in that store.

Then it was off to On Que Style. Their sales were unbelievable. I walked away with a brand new Halston Heritage dress and a like-new 3.1 Phillip Lim frock for just over $100. One last stop at Beauty Collection to grab a new lip stain and some basics to pair with my statement purchases from Zara and I was done with shopping.

To be very honest with you though, all these purchases aren't completely removing the doubt from my mind. Maybe it's natural to worry a little when you don't know how exactly to dress for the place you're going, or maybe it's a bit of buyer's remorse. I have imagined this moment, of going to New York and going to Fashion Week for so long that I have forgotten to be realistic. I know things never go the way you think and I'm sure no matter what I wear someone will definitely be dressed better, but I didn't want to make it over there feeling like I didn't even try. I am worried about running around in high heels all day. I am worried about getting from place to place in a strange city. I am worried about breaking a sweat in my silk purchases, or worse, maybe even falling over my heels and twisting an ankle. I try not to worry about whether or not people will compliment my outfits or take photos of me, and instead am trying to enjoy it all, because I know it will be over so soon. I'm trying, and hopefully it doesn't look like I'm trying too hard.

I intend to post outfit images when I get back and some via social media. I'll try my best to look my best. Until then, happy shopping!