Sunday, November 17, 2013

On Parade

Last weekend my friend and I went to the Elephant Parade in Dana Point. All along the twists and turns of the coast, we would sometimes catch a glimpse of an elephant. These painted works of art pay homage to Mosha, an elephant who stepped on a land mine in Thailand and lost her leg. Luckily the elephant hospital  was able to help her with a prosthetic. All of the elephant statues therefore have hearts around one leg.

It had been a while since I had done an art walk and the sight of all these beautiful creations by different artists re-inspired me to do some writing, and to look at the world differently. Since you sort of have to seek out the elephants I was reminded to pay attention to my surroundings; to seek out the good, the positive in every situation. On this gorgeous November day I was reminded of why I love where I live. It's a place where the unexpected happens and where you can find natural beauty alongside man-made artistry, all along a walk on the beach. Since lately I have been so bent on work, nail art, the impending holiday rush, Instagram, etc., it was eye-opening to take a day off and just enjoy being outdoors; to take in other people's work. I like being surrounded by art that tells a story and wakes me up.

Since some of the elephants were at the Ritz Carlton, Alexis and I stopped in to check out the legendary hotel. It is gorgeous inside! They even have some smaller elephant artworks. And while I might never be able to afford a stay at the Ritz, I did buy a glass of champagne to enjoy the moment. It was the elephant exhibit's first trip to America and my first trip to the nearby Ritz, and that was something worth celebrating. I like doing a lot things around Laguna such as taking in the sights on my own, but on this occasion I was so overwhelmed with happiness to share the experience with such a good friend. I think sometimes I can be quick to assume that no one would like the things I like or do the things I do. But ever since moving to this area I have made nothing but likeminded friends. I just need to see them a bit more often. So I toast to creating art, and to raising awareness, and to the wonder that surrounds us, even on the simplest of walks. Sometimes it's OK to wear your heart on your sleeve and put your friendships on parade, you never know where the path might lead.