Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Party

I attended my first garden party on Saturday. The event was hosted by the lovely Paulette Adams ( who is a natural host. What began as a cold and cloudy day on Laguna Beach warmed to be bright, sunny, and perfect.

This was not your ordinary party with cocktails, mingling, and snacks, this was an artful gathering. Jewelry was sprinkled on the grass, chalks dotted the ground, canvases and coffee cups slept on tables. Outside there were easels and artists, hands moving rapidly on some great work, and people stopping by to take in the colors and conversation. We snacked on kahlua bundt cake, fruit tea, and salmon pate.

Julie Nutting's work welcomed guests inside. She even brought a few pieces from her new book, which you can learn about here,

And one of the most surreal experiences I've had in my life took place when Lorenzo asked to sketch me while I sat on a swing. I am mesmerized by people who can draw, and this man is no exception. While I sat, my feet dangling, I saw only swift movements from behind an easel. What emerged was like a photograph or mirror reflection - only better. I think so many times we are afraid to see how people perceive us, but perhaps it can be best to. I love how the conte captured my wavy hair and high cheek bones. It was so fun, my roommate Amanda sat for a sketch as well. Thank you so much Lorenzo, for doing a beautiful job.

I am so happy to call Laguna Beach my home, a place that supports many artists. And I am so lucky to call Paulette my neighbor, who supports artists as well. I am blessed to call Julie my friend, because it seems like just yesterday she was an artist who I knew by her work alone, but now I know her personally, and she has written a book. And of course I am honored to have met Lorenzo, a true talent. I urge you to stop by his space in Laguna Beach or his website, and be enchanted. Thank you Paulette for an amazing party. It was more than I could ever have imagined.


  1. Hello Beth,
    Wow ...he is really wonderful. That drawing of you is beautiful...I clicked to see closer and the likeness is magical. be completely honest I clicked on the food buffet first...hey the girl likes her party food ;->

    Love the chalk painting of the still life vase of flowers...fabulous muted colors.

    This looked like a very cool party and you looked lovely.

    your friend,
    Janet xox

  2. What a wonderful post! Makes me miss the spring time over in the states. Thanks for taking us with you - looks like an event I would have liked to attend.
    Lorenzo did a beautiful job on your portrait, what a gift!

  3. You captured the day beautifully!