Monday, February 28, 2011

To Life

The last of my postings on vacation, featuring an homage to my favorite indulgence: champagne. I have always loved Korbel, and I love their tour and cellars even more. Located in Guerneville, California, right by the Russian River is the place where Korbel champagne is made, tasted, and loved. Definitely go if you get the chance. Excellent place to see relics of the past and learn about the art (yes it is art) that goes into making authentic, French-style champagne (not sparkling wine). The other pictures below are from an olive press and winery in Sonoma. Two boutique wineries that are definitely hidden gems, if you are ever in the area.
While tasting at Korbel, my mom made a toast, "to life." I always try and think of such witty and/or inspiring toasts, but my mom's words reminded me that though they are simple they say it all. Whether your indulgence is one glass, one bottle, a rare blend on vacation, or something you are simply sipping at home, it's humbling to indulge in the simple appreciation of being alive. Definitely a reason to be thankful. Thanks mom, for saying the right words, and reminding me that life is good ... especially when you are on vacation : )

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  1. You're right, Beth, champagne making is an art. When I was a food writer I was sent to Champagne in France and was given several tours of the big houses. Very impressive. Also in that province they drink different kinds of champagne with their meals, pairing them up with various foods, just like wine.