Monday, February 7, 2011

Everywhere You Look, Jewelry

Another observation from the Craft & Hobby Association: jewelry is hot! A lot of comapnies are getting into the jewlery business because it is an easy (and more cost-effective) way to spruce up a wardrobe. There were literally jewels spilling all over this convention. All walks and styles of jewelry life were present. Above: rosette necklace made with adhesive from, jewels made from components at, crystals galore from Cousin Corp (, and a casing displaying new offerings from a Vintaj ( and Ellison (

If this has moved you to make some gorgeous gems, don't forget the next Jewelry Affaire deadline, 5/15/11.


  1. Hi, I love the jewellery you've featured, I even spotted an agate slice necklace in one photo, fabulous I love it!

  2. Beautiful! How many of those did you take home with you Beth? I am "moved..."

    Ciao bella,