Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Coast With the Most

Great friendships can be made on the beach. The meeting of shore and sand can really bring people together. Art Camp is held right on the Oregon Coast, with the beach in your immediate backyard. It was so nice to eat on the deck, explore, and even walk and sit outside with a glass of wine. And while I never mind being alone, I never really was on this trip. Someone always wanted to walk the beach or sit in the sun with me. It was nice to toast to new friendships and enjoy the company of other. There are a great many wineries along the Oregon Coast, and since I have always believed good wine brings people together, there was plenty of friendly sipping in the sun. I always feel immeasurably at peace looking out at the ocean. A continual reminder that despite the changing of the tides, life goes on. The only thing we can do is drink it in; soak up the moment.

If you are in need of an artistic gathering, a getaway, or just want to make new friends, I highly recommend checking out Terri's Art Camp. You can find information here. There are only 12 slots left for next Spring, so think fast!

Again, my sincerest thanks to Terri and her staff for allowing me to kick up my feet and create.


  1. Looks beautiful...why do I always want to drink wine when I read your posts?

  2. Wine and walking on the beach, two of my favorite things! So glad we had a chance to connect. Colleen