Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Camp Oregon Coast:The Creations

While in Oregon, these are the projects I completed. 1) a resin bezel with rhinestones, lace & vintage button, courtesy of Kristen Robinson. 2)Etching & leather wrap around bracelets with bling, taught by Terri Brush. 3) Wire wrapped bangles, necklaces & bird's nests by Ruth Rae.

It's so great to come away with wearable wonders to treasure. Every time I wear these pieces I am reminded of the creativity, craftsmanship, and patience of these women who shared the secrets to making great art on the Oregon Coast.

Happy Creating!


  1. You did really well Beth Livesay! Love all the projects. It is a lot work and done with LOVE and great teachers too. Ciao Rita

  2. Your projects turned out great, Beth! I wish I could have stayed around for the whole weekend. I really wanted to try the metal etching. Still, it was fun meeting everyone and now I have a reason to go again in the future!

  3. Wow, look at what you made! Very cool, very chic!

  4. You were cranking out the pretties that weekend for sure... Love the bracelets - and its nice to have something to remind you of a special weekend too! Colleen