Monday, April 16, 2012

Shoe Glutton

I have a true passion for shoes. I definitely have a collection. They are wonderful pieces of architecture as well as fashionable staples. A shoe can make or break an outfit, without a doubt.

Last week all the stars must have aligned because in 7 days, I wound up with 3 new pairs. I know my mom reads my blog, so I say this for her and for concerned readers everywhere who might assume I have lost my mind or won the lottery and failed to mention it: These shoes were all fantastic bargains. I love bargain hunting just as much if not more than I love my shoes. So with that being said, let me walk you through these new additions to my collection:

Green Zara Lined Wedge : these beauties are a lovely shade of green and oh so comfy. Plus, I think Zara is very affordable. Bought these full price and am wearing them now (worth every penny!).

I've had a shoe crush on Charlotte Olympia for a while now. It has been a dream to own a pair of her gorgeous, luxury shoes. Well on Friday, a trip to Nordstrom Rack and some gift cards from the Easter bunny helped make this dream a reality. These pumps are 6 inches high, emerald green, velvet, dotted, and just my size. The web detail on the shoe bottom is too cute. These are stunners that are a worthy investment at a fraction of the cost. These shoes retailed for $895 and boy do they look it!

I had seen these Sam Edelman shoes at Nordstrom but then saw the price and decided to wait for them to go on sale. Well I never saw them on sale at Nordstrom and completely forgot about them until I saw these replicas at Kohl's. I almost bought them, but something inside of me just couldn't. I still had hope that I would find Sam's version out there. And yesterday I grabbed up the last pair at another Nordstrom Rack. They were $100 cheaper than the original sticker price. I couldn't pass them up. The description on the Sam Edelman website reads that these shoes will help "keep him in line." I love shoes with a sense of humor.

And speaking of sense of humor, my boyfriend's wonderful, sweet parents got me this Scotch tape dispenser shaped like a shoe. It's the perfect gift! It's on my desk right now and I don't know how my office survived without it.

Here's to a week of walking in style! Happy shopping/bargain hunting : )


  1. Remind me to never show you my shoes! I can't even compete with these. (Right now I am wearing fluorescent orange running shoes.)

    1. Renee,

      running shoes are really cute right now! Orange is popular too. Shoes that shape you up and come in a cool color sound like a win-win to me : )

  2. They are dreamy... You petite girls can wear those 20 inch heals! Hope you're well.

  3. Love all of them! And they will all look beyond fabulous on your darling self, just don't break your ankles in them. (sorry, not trying to sound like your mother!). xo Lidy