Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dior Addict

Spring means spring cleaning. I was taking a load of clothes to trade in at Crossroads. I felt like shopping instead of cashing out, so I wandered the racks to put my store credit to good use. It usually takes me an hour or two to comb the racks. But yesterday I did just a brief sweep. That's because I couldn't stop thinking about the jewelry I had seen at the front counter. I had never seen jewelry at Crossroads before, and this group of Dior sparklies really caught my eye.

A set of earrings and a necklace with pink rhinestones came with a jewelry bag and box. Since pink is my favorite color, I tried them on and loved how they stood out. The ring was cool too, it has a lot of baubles and beads on it. But I was really attracted to the details of these pieces. The necklace has a "D" at the end of the clasp, and the ring even has little "Dior"s dangling off of it, as well as the Dior engraving on the band. The ribbons on the box have its namesake on it too. And the best part was that all the jewelry came with individual bags for safekeeping in the box.
I cashed in my store credit and was so excited to fuel my jewelry addiction. These three peices combined were purchased for a fraction of what one of these would have cost new. Good deal!

Good news for those who shop Crossroads: I spoke to the manager and learned about how they authenticate their items. While the details on these pieces convinced me they were real, you'll be happy to know they also have a professional consigner appraising pieces too. My rule of thumb: if it is behind the counter or under glass it's probably real. If it is out on the racks, it's probably not. I almost bought some white Dior pumps, but after seeing them strewn on top of the racks and not behind the counter, I figured they were probably fakes. The fact that I could see glue marks on the tops furthered my suspicions. Remember, shopping is an art, and it can take a trained eye or a great staff to really score true value.

I'm so in love and excited to wear these Dior beauties through the seasons! You will notice several photos of my nails in the pictures. That's because I'm in love with their color! And is there any better combo than mint and red or mint and Dior pink rhinestones? I think not.

Happy Deal Hunting!


    You are rocking those nails!

  2. What fun finds:)

    I really want to take my daughter and go to Crossroads..it looks like a wonderful shop!

    Have a blessed week Beth!

    Kay Ellen