Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fashion Scents

I realize I haven't posted recently on finds I love. I have been doing more Pinning that posting. But I thought the latest from Charlotte Olympia has been the greatest, and so it deserved a post. Plus, I've already pinned all these up the wazoo. I think it's no secret that I love vintage things. Vintage perfume bottles are a particular favorite of mine. I like the atomizers, the shapes, the glass. So when Ms. Olympia's collection of clutches came out shaped like these treasures I near fainted (from looking at the price too). I'm hoping with some time I can find these on sale.*Fingers crossed* But still, how clever are these clutches?? Never seen anything like them. The remainder of her new collection is very Parisian. It is so playful with the poodles and the sayings. J'adore! My pick is the pair of Eiffel Tower sandals. Je t'aime Charlotte! She is definitely one of my favorite designers at the moment.  

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