Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daisie & Calvin Got Married

I really do love a good wedding. All the wedding writing in my past (and future, I hope) has really informed this preference. As my friend Tracy Schultz once told me, "there is something magical that happens when all the people you love are together in the same room." And she's right. I don't love weddings because I am a die-hard romantic or because I love dancing or a good party (but I do love a good party - let's get that straight). I love it because all the people I love come together for the event. We all support one another, get dressed up, and toast to the other's happiness. If you can't be happy for your friends, what is the point of living?

Being invited to a wedding reinforces that sense of familial love. I am honored to be included on a guest list and to share in those life-defining moments of the people I am closest to. Life is so funny with its twists and turns. It is in those spirals that you oftentimes meet some great friends. That was the case when I met Calvin. He was close to my good friend Yayoi, who traveled all the way from Japan to celebrate with us.

It was such a beautiful wedding and reception that we didn't even realize we had sat on the bride's side of the aisle during the ceremony. And when we found out, it didn't matter, because a long time ago Daisie had fallen into our group, our family. It was like she had always been there, and now I am so happy she and Calvin will always be there for each other.


  1. Oh Beth, How lovely!
    As I looked at the photo's I was still... (which is very rare for me - lol)
    I love weddings too!
    The one and only day that a true promise/vow really matters.
    The value, the love, the wanna share everything and mostly each other.
    The giving and not wanting to take only!
    The surroundings, the atmosphere wow swooooon!
    I would get married to my love every year if I could!

    And you would be invited!


  2. Aww... you're so sweet Beth. it was wonderful having you guys there with us!