Thursday, February 18, 2010

DIY Idea: Everything Coming Up Roses ... and Jewelry

With jewelry on the mind I noticed some really Spring-y trends in my purchase power/ the DIY universe. Check out my latest buy: I love her! The Tulle Rosette necklace from Bejewelled Bespoke ( I love tulle in clothing, and the sheerness, length, and embellishment in this piece is what makes it stand out and make me fall over and over again.

Then there's this way cool rose bud ring I purchased from La Maison Rustique. It was designed and made by the fabulous Joy Gabler ( Look for her in the next Jewelry Affaire. This ring is simple, shabby chic, and big enough to be a casual cocktail ring. FYI I'm a big believer in black nail polish (yes those are my fingers). It's one of my beauty secrets that I forgot to mention previously. Black is as basic on nails as it is in fashion. It's not Goth, it's smart and chic.
A DIY tip I've always wanted to share is my bejewelling of my vintage Luis Vuitton bag. The beads, rosette, and gold hardware were all on a belt/chain attached to a pair of my Juicy Couture jeans. While I liked wearing the piece as a chain, I didnt wear it often and thought it would be utilized better as jewelry or a chain on another piece. Nothing beats a classic bag like the Luis Vuitton Speedy, and since I carry it everywhere with everything and the colors on the chain were neautral, I added it to the handle. I love that now I can show off this piece. I have another Luis in a different shape, so I use that when I want the monogram pattern to stand on its own. To add more sparkle, I added on this necklace made by and given to me by Jenny Doh ( So there you have it, add your jewelry to your bag for an interesting and high end look. I've gotten so many compliments on it, and when this Juicy Couture jewelry bag ( came out this past summer, I couldn't help but think of how much money I had saved on my verion and how ahead of the game I had stayed.
Buds to bedeck your neck, hand, and bag, simply add a little bling and you're ready for Spring.

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