Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beauty Secrets

I've been thinking of creative ways to show off the Vegas buying. I realized in laying out my wares that I've been gravitating towards beauty products.
When it comes to beauty secrets I dont have many (or perhaps any). If you've seen me it would be obvious that I don't wear a lot of make-up, I have just never been that into it. I would like to be, but I always shirk away from it. Being a make-up minimalist has its benefits though. Since I dont buy too many products (in fact I buy only basics, like moisturizer and powder) I have some room to splurge on my version of the necessities.
Firstly, I believe in lip gloss. Im not a lipstick gal. I like pinks and nudes with a tad of sparkle, and I figure since this is my only pop of color in my beauty regimen (and an important one at that) I like to only buy high-end lip gloss. I loved this Chanel color and had to try it on. I've convinced myself that I cant wear red on my lips (I never think it looks good) but this color is pretty sheer with lots of gold flecks and blue undertones. I tried it on and it's unlike any other color I have. Sold. By the way, always try a beauty product on, just like clothes, because you can't return these babies.
One of my favorite scents is Chloe. Love Hannah MacGibbon. I love Chloe's clothes, but this scent lingers in the most lovely way. Again, since I dont buy make-up products I can invest in quality perfume. And I beleive high-end scents are a worthwhile investment. Speaking of, I recently picked up Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle Touche Scintillante. It's a shimmering oil that you dab on. Special pefumes for special occasions.
To brighten up a face sans make-up I rely on jewelry and accessories. Like the silver in the eye shadow, I picked up some silver oriented accessories that caught my eye. Check out this belt from Coach. A great belt than can also double as a statement necklace. It was $40 at the outlets at Primm. Great price for a double-duty piece. And then there's that rhinestone encrusted stretch headband from Juicy Couture. A real beauty indeed.


  1. Oh Beth,
    You definitely DO NOT need make up.
    That was one of the first things that I noticed about you when we first met.
    Your skin is flawless, your eye lashes so long, thick and dark, and your bone structure so beautiful and definied.
    Yes, lip gloss, anything else....no.
    I must say...you are just as beautiful on the inside as well :-)
    XO Deb

  2. Deb, you are so sweet. I am too flattered. I'm blushing ... which is why I dont need blush either, I guess. Thanks so much for the compliments ... they are too much.