Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So You Fell in Love and You're Getting Married ...

An unusual thing has happened to me ... I've found myself at that juncture in life where a lot of people I know are getting married. I mean a lot. I'm constantly forwarding e-mails and ideas and am starting to keep track of images I like for design inspiration and decoration. It's funny, I do a lot of recruiting for my day job, and now I am realizing a lot of those efforts are doubled up with wedding recruiting. And since I have a background in wedding writing I actually really like helping out. I've had the great fortune in talking to Carley Ronaey, Stella Inserra, Donnie Brown and the owners of Kleinfeld Mara Urshel and Ronnie Rothstein ( http://www.bridestelevision.com/). So here's a posting for all you brides to be ...

Check out this bouquet made of brooches.

Unconventional wedding wear from This is Glamorous.

I recommend some really special bubbly and perhaps a special venue for such a merry occasion. The Korbel cellars in Sonoma woudl be an ideal wedding location. Better yet, their store (store.korbel.com) offers premium blends of champagne they dont sell in your local supermarket. These also make for wonderful gifts, as they will ship these anywhere. My mum was kind enough to gift me with 3 beautiful bottles for Christmas. A classy gift that's effortless and always in style.
The cakes are from my favorite cake artist Alexandria Pellegrino ( she makes cupcakes too) http://www.cakeoperaco.com/. Alexandria is very nice too, as I've written her actual fan mail (scary huh) and she responded. The only bummer is she is in Canada, so be prepared to really pay for that indulgence, but of course I'm sure it's worth it.

For gift giving, consider a special box to show off treasures and keep your momentos. For wedding jewelry and inspiration I vote you visit Diane Cook (http://rosa-josies.blogspot.com/) who talks more about wedding jewelry in the upcoming Jewelry Affaire.
For wedding and bridesmaids dresses, there's no one better than Carol Hannah Whitfield (http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheWeddingCollection) and Sarah Seven (http://www.etsy.com/shop/sarahseven).

When it comes to jewelry I have to play favorites too. I highly recommend Oh Faro (http://www.etsy.com/shop/OhFaro) and of course Florabond (http://www.florabond.com/).

Not getting married? I think it's definitely acceptable to shop for accessories and jewelry to wear as a guest. More wedding ideas to come ...


  1. Congrats on your wedding to be!! Such an exciting time and it is always fun to search out all of the special things that are perfect for your day. I bet your wedding will be SO lovely! I love all of the pictures you shared, oh my gosh, how cute is that dog all dressed in his bling! I Love the brooch bouquet too.

    Have a good day! Heather

  2. LOOOOVE the doll cakes and dresses.
    I saw that same brooch bouquet before...totally Cool!
    Fun stuff.
    Have you seen the bouquets of sculpted Felt flowers?

    They are really neat too!

    See you Sunday.


  3. Hey Heather. Thanks for the compliments. But to clarify, I am not getting married. I am the crazy friend who is aiding in the planning/brainstorming of 3 weddings all at once. I just dont want any rumors about me being started... Sculpted felt bouquets? Pray tell Lisa.

  4. Hello Beth-

    What a delightful surprise to find my little shop featured on your beautiful blog post today! Thank you so much! I am honored to be in such fine company.

    I love-Love-LOVE that sweet cream white street length dress, those cakes are just awesome and that doggy bling is so fun!.

    Cheers- Faro

  5. Oh my gosh I love the dresses and those shoes are to die for! I love the bouquet too, just gorgeous! That is one thing I do miss creating flowers especially wedding flowers. I designed flowers for a little over 10 years.