Friday, February 5, 2010

Its in the Bag

So I told you I went a little crazy in Vegas... here's the proof. What is it about shopping bags? I love them! I keep them ... and for what? Im thinking there could be some cool decor ideas going on in the near future. What do you do with your old bags that you want to keep?

For bags that are of the re-usable shopping variety I have to share Piper Bags (, My mom and my sister are addicts. I got this cool Paris one for Christmas from my darling little sister who knows my tastes pretty well. They are all handmade and based out of Sonoma. Perfect for flea marketing. Carry on ...


  1. Now that is a beautiful cover for Altered Couture!
    Love it!
    Carla Buchanan

  2. Oh...I have a bag story for you.
    A few years back I attended the Magic Show in Vegas. The vendors hand out tons of bags as you know. One such vendor passed out a bonafied cardboard Mc Donalds French Fry bag. My kids & I often dresses for Halloween in a Theme. We dressed as Junk Food. I cut giant french fries out of upholstery foam and Emily was a bag of Fries.

    Otherwise I use my cool store bags as to go bags, b-day bags and such for family and friends.

    Us girls are all silly for packaging...something the corporations are well aware of!


  3. I have a bag fettish too! Not sure why but love bags and save them. xo Andrea

  4. It was so nice to meet you too. Love the Mad Hatter bag! Can't wait to see the new movie with Johnny Depp. I'll be in touch, Sandra