Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Decisions Decisions

When we select covers to go with our magazines it's usually a very fun (and final) part of the publishing process. Jewelry Affaire is wrapping it's premier issue, which is exciting because it's a new launch. There was so much dazzling jewelry, much of which I've discussed here on my blog. While having a plethora of pieces to choose from is good for the magazine, it can be bad for whittling down cover options. The last few days have actually been very stressful for me in terms of choosing and executing just the right face for this book. But Im happy to say that I'm so proud with what we've come up with ... and I LOVE it. In fact, it's an artist I've mentioned here. But I'm not going to make the big reveal yet. You have to wait. So let's play a game ... the pictures above (from designers Alice + Olivia and Haute Hippie found at are offering up some very big hints. To get your hands on a copy, go here or else wait until April 1. But I know you can't hold out that long ...


  1. I can't wait! Sorry your week has been stressful, I am pretty sure the results are amazing. See you very soon Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. As my Mother says...
    "This too shall pass."
    Thank goodness, huh?
    Happy thoughts to you.