Thursday, January 28, 2010

CHA Continued

A huge trend on the CHA floor is jewelry. Thankfully we have Jewelry Affaire to quench cravings. Thankfully we have Vintaj in particular ( These gems not only get better and better every year, but the folks at Vintaj are now bejewelling everything in sight including home decor, shoes, and accessories. Any ideas surfacing? If so, remember we proudly sell Vintaj products in our Shoppe (

This really cool home set up, features my favorite print, houndstooth, along with some inspiring home decor ideas. I love the book pages tied in twine on the chair.

Graphic 45's booth took my breath away ( More houndstooth and 1920s images along with home decor and functional art. Lovely! Their artist Candy is a sweetheart/genius who I hope to be working with further in the near future.

At the ideology booth ( I saw some really cool displays including chandeliers - which are a definite trend in crafting right now. There was also a really cool coat made from grunge paper ( I swear!). For more on that, stay tuned to in the coming months.

And lastly, Jo Packham ( and I. She was wearing some truly beautiful jewelry from Where Women Create artists, including a glamorous bracelet made of pure cameos. FYI I love cameos. I'm calling this year's convention quite the success.


  1. Beth I was at CHA too! Which day did you go? Wasn't the Vintaj booth fabulous?

  2. i can't imagine how fun that must be to wander around! and the inspiration you leave with, priceless! hope you are well!

  3. So great seeing you at CHA, we love you sweet girl :-)
    Linda and I will be to Laguna soon to bring you goodie and take you to lunch.
    Love & Blessings,

  4. Another fun post!
    Let's trade links, darling!


  5. I loved Graphic 45's booth too.
    What an amazing job they did creating an old world eclectic feel in every detail. It was lovely to just stand in front of the displays and absorb it all.
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful snaps.
    You captured it beautifully!